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DistantJob gives you the edge by finding a career-driven full-time remote developer that are the perfect match for your industry, time zone, and company culture. Trusted by hundreds of companies to build their engineering team, we are your remote hiring solution.

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We know how to find the top 2% developers anywhere in the world, working from the timezone that suits you best. We vet their technical and soft skills, to make sure they are the right fit for your culture and can cover any tech stack that you need for your products. The programmer will work directly for your company and under your management, remotely.

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    DistantJob’s Five-step Hiring Process

    1.Understanding Your Company’s DNA

    Once our first meeting is scheduled, we study your company to understand your requirements. We headhunt worldwide for developers who show a genuine interest in your company and culture.

    2.Recruiting Top Developers Remotely, Worldwide

    Our recruiters headhunt senior remote software engineers ranging from innovative startups to Fortune-500 companies anywhere in the world. You start seeing candidates, fluent in English with strong technical and communication skills.

    3.Flawless Interviewing Experience

    We vet candidates through a multiple-step evaluation process based on your expectations and company culture. Our account manager attends the interviews to gain a better understanding of your needs. This allows us to continuously refine the process and close your IT role faster.

    4.We Hire the Developer, You Manage

    We act as employers of record and handle all legal paperwork and global payroll per local laws.

    You hire online coders, programmers, developers, tech specialists and software engineers who integrate into your processes and culture without the pain of navigating international employment and global payroll.

    5.Experience Awesome HR

    DistantJob offers proactive support. We are always in touch with you and your managers to keep the pulse of everyone involved and detect issues before they happen.

    No script fits your company. We craft our processes around it, building long-lasting relationships between you and your new developers.

    Start Hiring Like a Remote Business in Under 24 Hours

    Hire a Developer

    Experience Awesome HR with DistantJob

    Work has changed forever. We’ve made HR catch up.

    Awesome HR is a 21st-century global solution that ensures your team’s well-being while you focus on doing what you do best.


    Everyone has unique needs. We tailor contracts, legal, onboarding, and global payroll to get the best possible experience - for your remote developers and for you.


    We go beyond professional courtesy to connect with you and your people. You’ll never get boilerplate treatment from us.


    We learn the needs of the manager and the needs of the hire. We’ll help you preempt challenges and provide you with solutions before anything breaks.

    Always On

    We keep tabs on birthdays, pregnancies, covid, tornadoes, revolutions, earthquakes, and alien invasions. Your developers are remote but never forgotten.


    We check in regularly to ensure all involved parties’ ultimate happiness, and we send you personalized monthly reports.


    Trouble happens, and we take care of it. We are diplomats and problem solvers, offering meditation and ensuring your business is protected in any event.

    Hire a Developer

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I hire a remote developer online?

      1. Define your Ideal Candidate

      Defining the job position is about knowing what this person will be doing and analyzing the person beyond their technical tasks. When you hire someone to work for your company, you expect them to understand your culture because it reflects on their job, and therefore, on results.

      2. Remote Interview Process – Create the Job Add

      You need to set up a hiring process. A hiring process contains relevant aspects such as writing down a job description that encourages talented developers to apply and the tools you’ll use during the hiring process.

      3. Choosing the Right Platform to Post your Job Add

      Writing a good job description and looking for them in the right places matters.

      You can post a job ad on popular job boards or freelancing platforms, or you can opt for recruitment agencies specialized in remote developers such as DistantJob agency.

      4. Interview Remote Developers

      Interviewing candidates gives you the first glance into a developer’s skills and experience. However, besides only asking them questions keep in mind that testing is a must. Give them one project to start and see how they manage it.

      Sometimes candidates can dazzle you during remote interviews , but it’s still better to make sure that person is the right one. During interviews, always keep in mind that you are not only looking for the technical abilities and the hard skills, but you also need to look for soft skills.

      Tip: Make team interviews. Especially if you are looking for a dev that will be working in a team with other developers.

      5. Send the Offer and Onboard

      By now you know who you want to hire and you are sending the offer. The following step is onboarding your new developer,  Did you know that great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%?

      How do remote developers work?

      Sitting at a desk, in front of their laptop or workstation. The more health-minded may use a standing or treadmill desk, of course.

      I kid, of course. What you want to know about is focus. DistantJob makes it a point of only soliciting full-time, career-driven developers who care more about writing great code than having a margarita-fueled tan. We are not a hanging-out place for digital nomads. We are squarely in “work-from-home” territory, and we find people equipped to do it properly.

      What country should I choose when hiring a remote developer for my startup, and why?

      There really is no answer but this one: there’s no reason for the best developers in the world to flock to a specific geographic location. Sure, some countries have better IT education than others, and you can look at that rank by checking our article.

      Realize that if you look for a developer in a tech hub or in a G7 capital, you likely have to settle for hyper-expensive or mediocre (sometimes, both!). The reason is simple: all the top talent has been poached by companies with billions in hiring budget.

      Conversely, if you look for a programmer who has opted to live a quieter life in a country like Portugal, Spain, Romania, or Argentina — often, so they could spend less time fighting the commute and more time practicing their craft — you’ll be able to get a real gem for a reasonable price.

      (Do note: we don’t do cheap. We find great software engineers because we have a reputation for finding people good jobs with good pay. Don’t think of us as your shortcut to Uncle Scrooge land.)

      How much does it cost to hire a team of developers?

      The cost of hiring a team of developers depends on where they are located, on the tech stacks they master and on that individual’s experience.

      In North America are the highest rates, around $80-$ 120- per hour for a senior dev, followed by Central Europe where an expert will charge $50 – $100.

      The lowest rates are charged by developers from Latin America and East Europe starting from $30-$65 per hour.


      What guarantee do you offer? What happens if the developer I hire does not work out?

      We offer an industry-first employee lifetime guarantee, which is to say, if your developer doesn’t work out, we find you a replacement free of charge. Other recruitment companies wash their hands a handful of months after you hire, and even before that, they are not motivated to do a good job after they got their payment. DistantJob is different because we are your partners for the whole duration of the employee lifecycle, and we will be there with our proactive HR support to make sure you are never dissatisfied.

      Is my IP safe?

      Absolutely. First: DistantJob has no access to your IP — how you communicate with your developer is up to you. We only get in touch periodically to make sure they have a productive (and secure!)

      In addition to that, we will run standard background checks on every candidate, and extra ones if you deem it necessary to do so. Finally, we provide stronger IP protection through local entities. We own legal entities worldwide, eliminating the chance of IP infringement or theft. Our legal team constantly monitors changes in IP law and updates our contracts and protections accordingly.

      Do you filter out candidates before sending them?

      Yes, that’s part of our charm. One of our main goals is to save our clients time and effort. We are not in the business of pressing a couple of buttons in our ATS to get you spammed with CVs. Our recruitment team handles the grinding and vetting, and you only get 3-5 beautiful candidates at a time — and most of our clients hire from that first batch.

      How long does it take to hire a remote developer?

      You’ll start seeing the first batch of candidates within 2-3 weeks. The full cycle will depend on your requirements for interviewing and testing, but assuming you pick a candidate from that first batch — again, that’s what happens with most of our clients — we’ll have the paperwork sorted in one week. That’s about a month, counting from our first meeting! 40% faster than the industry standard.

      How much does it cost to hire a developer?

      How much each specific developer will cost will depend on their salary expectations. In general, this is tied to their location and their level of experience. To maximize every hire’s compensation, our accounting team continuously optimizes the payment options available for each region, so every individual is compensated the way it’s the most advantageous to them. We’re committed to helping both you and your developers get the best “bang for your buck.” DistantJob charges a flat fee on top of each developer’s compensation.

      Reduce Development Workload And Time With The Right Developer

      When you partner with DistantJob for your next hire, you get the highest quality developers who will deliver expert work on time. We headhunt developers globally; that means you can expect candidates within two weeks or less and at a great value.

      Increase your development output within the next 30 days without sacrificing quality.

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