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What Virtual Culture Looks Like with Kate Lister from Global Workplace Analytics

In this podcast episode, Kate Lister shares how 2020 is the year that changed how people perceived remote work. She reveals facts and statistics about how companies have seen a productivity boost even during covid-19 times. However, although companies are experiencing all the benefits, they are also struggling with other aspects. For instance, companies need to prioritize building a virtual culture for employees to thrive in the long term.

the best tech stack for your project

Best Tech Stack for Your Project

Choosing which tech stack to use is probably the most important decision you’ll face when building software. Why? Because a tech stack ensures that the software website or app you are developing will run efficiently.

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AngularJS alternatives

8 AngularJS Alternatives in 2021

JavaScript rules the world web. Every developer knows that for web development, learning JavaScript is fundamental. However, although the best web developers are experts in this programming language, they still need to use tools to

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