Governments and Eco Warriors Agree on Remote Work

Why Governments and Eco Warriors Agree on Remote Work: A Remote Work Fable

On this special edition of the DistantJob Blog, a Government agent, and an eco-warrior duke it out. Insults are flung, mean faces are shot, reputations are at stake… Oddly, the only thing they fully agree on is hiring remotely. And who benefits from this argument? You, of course. Check out how you can take advantage of a bitter rivalry to help your own business.

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Cyberbullying Can Destroy Your Remote Team

Cyberbullying: How It Can Destroy Your Remote Team

So if it can happen so readily in an in-office environment, does that mean remote workers could be at risk? While the risk might be smaller, the answer is yes. Bullying can take many forms. Especially when dealing with cyberbullying. It’s important to understand cyberbullying. And how it might affect your remote team.

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What is Your Remote Employee Like

What is Your Remote Employee Really Like? You’ll be Surprised!

If you ask people to describe what people who work from home are like, you’ll probably get stereotypical answers. A bunch of slackers who spend their day on the sofa in their PJ’s, firing off the occasional email and doing just enough work not to get fired, right? Well, not so much. Here is the real scoop.

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Ready Remote Player

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all sci-fi stories stem from hope of reality. From Star Wars to Ender’s Game, writers have been enchanting readers and viewers with what we could only hope was the not too distant future. With the release of Ready Player One, the idea of living in a wholly emerged […]

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Top 10 Remote Workers from Film and TV

The Best in the Biz: The Top 10 Best Remote Workers in Film and Tv

Like the bread I just stuck in my oven, the employment of remote workers is on the rise. According to The New York Times, out of 15,000 adults polled, 43% spent time working remotely throughout that year. With technology consistently getting better and faster, more people are finding that they have access to jobs that, […]

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Remote doesn’t mean freelancer – your next full-time developer can work from home

Whether it’s because the best talents are not readily available locally or most employees prefer flexibility or because the emerging Millennial workforce is setting the trend, remote work has become a part of the employment zeitgeist. According to the World Economic Forum’s Employment Trends 2016, one of the biggest drivers in business today is remote […]

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Is Your Team’s Productivity Suffering Through Cold Season? Hire a Remote Developer!

It is every manager’s worst nightmare. With a big project deadline looming, one of your best developers starts sneezing. They struggle on, coming into the office doped up on cold remedies. The air is full of the heady scent of menthol. However, they just aren’t working to their usual standard. Then you get the inevitable […]

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How Remote Work Is Helping To Close The Gender Pay Gap

he gender pay gap is closing quickly for remote workers. Read more about how the ability to work remotely and to work from home is helping women even the odds. Do you care about ending the gender pay gap? Remote work may be a solution.

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Like it or not, remote is the future of the workforce

Maybe the whole idea of a distributed workforce is still Greek to you, and you’re not quite sure what to think of it. Ever wondered where it came from in the first place and what the future of work holds in store? Let’s take a tour through the past, present, and future of remote working to […]

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Is Working from Home a Perk?

Is Working from Home a Perk?

One of my pet bugbears about working from home is how many people miss out the ‘working’ part when they think about what your day. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been invited to daytime social gatherings and friends have looked put out when I’ve said no. The unspoken question is written […]

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