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Hire Vetted Software Developers That Are a Perfect Culture Fit – in 3 weeks or less!

We're a headhunter agency for finding top overseas tech talent for your company, with the option of handling payroll and HR for optimal experience and maximum retention.


Why our clients trust us

80% of our clients return to us for new hires.

"I met DistantJob through another TeamLogic IT owner and office. I was pretty clear about the culture that we were looking to build and the people that we wanted. Within two weeks, they had a very good candidate for us. He's still with us 2 years later."
Rob Fallows, Owner, TeamLogicIT

Hire a developer who loves working for you

Other recruitment agencies go for the low-hanging fruit: low-quality, high-churn developers. We actively promote your culture to find developers who love working for you, don’t stack multiple jobs, and stay in your company for 2+ years.

Remote Hiring = Lower Costs, Better Quality

You can hire amazing full-time software developers for a third of the salary of a US-based programmer.

  • Excellent English skills and already experienced with remote work.
  • Experts in php, .net, c#, python, ruby on rails, ios, android, javascript, react, angular, frontend technology, and more.
  • Culture fit! Candidates we send you are heavily influenced by Western culture, and we headhunt those working at companies similar to yours.

“[The remote developers presented by DistantJob] delivered a caliber of quality, skill and technical expertise, beyond my best expectations, far exceeding our local team members.”
Gili Tzabari, CTO, Soulbound

...but it's hard to find the good ones.

Let’s face it: the world is a big place. Finding great employees overseas can be tough.

  • Unsupervised people double-dip and work for two employers at the same time.
  • Cultural differences can and will kill communication.
  • The bottom line: if you don’t have experience recruiting globally, the learning curve is steep, and there are plenty of pitfalls that can gobble up your lunch money!

“Working with DistantJob made everything about recruiting a highly technical employee easier and cost-effective.”
Stuart Dow, Managing Director, Upaknee
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That's where DistantJob shines!

We find people who love working for you.

  • You get +15 years of global remote headhunting experience at your service. We’ve made all the expensive mistakes, so you don’t have to!
  • Global headhunting team embedded in local developer communities, speaking to developers in their language.
  • A search unique to you, tailored to your requirements. Every candidate we put forward is headhunted exclusively for you. We don’t keep a CV database.

“DistantJob took the time to talk about the job description and explore what was important to us. They came back with a great candidate on the first try!”
Todd Tolly, TeamLogic IT Santa Rosa

Our approach

Hit the inquire button. Tell us about the role you're looking to fill. We'll get to know your company culture and the job you're looking to fill.

We begin our talent search. We'll headhunt, solicit, interview and screen until we find 3 ideal candidates that would love to work for you.

We'll present to you our Top 3. Once you confirm our choices, we’ll schedule interviews so you can choose your favorite.

We’ll handle all the paperwork and set up a payment pipeline for your candidate in the way that’s the most beneficial for both of you.

We check up monthly to learn if they have everything they need to be productive, and if you are happy with their performance.

Need to let them go? We’ll find you a new employee within two weeks.

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“DJ is phenomenal. They find amazing candidates, make hiring extraordinary devs easy. Think of it as having a top recruiter, HR, and payroll departments in dozens of countries.”
Éric St-Jean, VP Engineering, Monetate

We Speak Your Language

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“We have 3 employees from DistantJob right now. Phenomenal. For the dollar value that we are spending, we are far ahead of what we would find locally or offshore.”
Matt Bricker, CTO at KnowFully

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“DistantJob is great for helping you find technical folks especially when your local area doesn’t have the right pool of talent for the job.”
Joel Brown, President and co-owner, Site 5
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