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    1. We focus on helping companies hire remote developers: DistantJob handles your hiring challenges by matching your company with vetted senior-level chatbot developers
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    Startups, scale-ups and enterprises build their teams with DistantJob in 3 Easy Steps

    Hiring a Chatbot development expert is not just about their skills and abilities. It’s also about how they match your company’s culture. Here’s how DistantJob’s recruitment process can help you hire the best Chatbot engineers:

    1.Culture-first Recruiting:

    As soon as you talk with us or fill our form, the first thing we do is analyze your company. We set up a call with you to understand your culture and the type of people you value working with.

    2.The headhunting process begins:

    We reach out to hundreds of candidates that we think might be a possible match for you. In 2 weeks, you’ll start reviewing people that match your requirements. We focus on providing you 3-5 top candidates instead of giving you an endless list.

    3.Contracts, payments, documentation, security - we take care of everything:

    Once you select the candidate, we handle all the contracts and payments from day 1. We also take the legal steps required to protect your IP.

    What Could Be Simpler?

    Hire in Weeks, Not Months

    You’ll see 3-5 CVs of outstanding people within two weeks of our discovery call. 80% of our clients hire from that first batch.

    Get People Who Love Working For You

    The candidates you’ll interview will have been chosen to match your company’s culture and values. They’ll feel right at home, reducing your turnover.

    Candidates of Proven Quality

    The best people already have a job. We find senior developers only, working in established companies–and bring them to your team.

    ​​Committed Developers Only

    No freelancers, no consultants, no outsourcing. Only full-time. Hire career-driven developers ready to be part of your company.

    Turnkey Global Payments & HR

    Rest easy knowing your hires are well cared for. Our HR service handles global contract payments for you and provides social-emotional support to keep them performing at their best.

    Budget Conscious Hiring

    By hiring in countries with a lower cost of living, your budget will stretch farther, while your developers will be earning exactly how much they want.

    FAQ on Hiring Chatbot Professionals

    Hiring skilled Chatbot developers is essential for businesses looking to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape and harness the power of conversational AI. To evaluate candidates and ensure a perfect fit, it is crucial to carefully source and assess individuals’ Chatbot development skills. Here’s a guide to help you identify and hire top-notch Chatbot developers.

    Where To Find Chatbot Developers?

    When you want to hire chatbot developers, you can use two types of platforms/services: 

    • General marketplaces: These offer a large pool of unvetted talent, and can be great places to find people with a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. However, top talent usually don’t pay attention or avoid these marketplaces, since they are usually very frequented and are hard to stand out in. Examples of these marketplaces include Upwork and Fiverr.
    • Specialized marketplaces: Niche platforms like DistantJob employ recruitment experts that curate a relatively smaller, but higher quality list of developers tailored for specific markets. These marketplaces are extremely enticing for top chatbot engineers to hire.

    A specialized platform’s niche will guarantee that they will find you top Chatbot experts anywhere in the world proficient in the specific skills you need. By looking all over the world, they are able to provide experts in a shorter time frame, and with lower salaries (but still very competitive for their country of residence). They can also provide customer support and help their clients manage their remote hires more effectively.

    Their services can also be adjusted to accommodate your hiring needs at any point, so you’ll only pay for what you ask. This makes hiring the best Chatbot programming experts very cost-efficient and convenient.

    How To Hire Top Chatbot Engineers

    Finding highly skilled Chatbot professionals  is always going to be challenging, but here are some key steps you should consider when remote hiring:

    1. Create a good job description: Make a list of the main responsibilities and skill requirements, as well as a brief summary of the job. Be descriptive, yet concise: you’ll want your candidates to find out if the job is tailored to them in the first few seconds so they will be enticed to apply.
    2. Find your candidates: Make a conscious effort of looking for people by yourself as well. Many highly skilled Chatbot developers aren’t actively looking for a new job but will consider it if the proposition is enticing for them.
    3. Assess and filter your options: Conduct a thorough assessment and filter them until you have a handful of the best ones. These will be the ones you’ll get to interview and know more deeply before making the final decision.
    4. Conduct interviews: Test your candidate’s knowledge and skills! In this stage, you’ll usually want a combination of technical interviews to test their Chatbot development knowledge, as well as some coding challenges to assess their soft skills. After finding the best-qualified candidate, time to make them an offer!
    5. Onboard your new hires: Create an enticing onboarding experience that will get them started on the right foot. Maintaining an employee happy is as important, if not more so, than hiring one, and you should make the transition as painless as possible. 

    Chatbot Developer Responsibilities

    1.   Design, Development, Test & Deployment

    A chatbot developer is responsible for the design, development, testing, and deployment of chatbots. They collaborate with other developers and team members to define requirements, code, test, debug, and deploy chatbot apps.

    2.   Platform Integration

    Chatbot developers must be able to integrate chatbots with various platforms like social media, phone calls, messaging apps, website chat, etc.

    3.   Troubleshoot and Debugging

    Skills to troubleshoot and debug the system when the need arises.

    4.   End-to-End Support from Architecture to Maintenance

    Chatbot development involves work in multiple phases. An expert chatbot developer will be able to guide and support the team from the architecture planning phase to maintenance.

    5.   Manage and Analyze Data

    When you implement a chatbot system, it generates tons of customer data. A chatbot developer must know how to analyze that data and give critical behavioral insights to improve your business.

    6.   Conduct Chatbot Demos & Training

    Even though a chatbot is usually an automated and smart system, your team still needs to learn how to use them. Best devs can give engaging demos and train the entire team on using chatbots for different purposes.

    Skills to Look For In Chatbot Developers

    If you want to hire dedicated chatbot developers, you should think about the kinds of skills you need. Each business will apply chatbots differently to their projects, and this difference dictates specific skill sets.

    Here are some generic chatbot developer skills you should look out for:

    • NLP, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Knowledge of chatbot platforms like Wit.AI, IBM Watson, Google DialogFlow, Microsoft Bot, Rasa.
    • Deep expertise in building deep learning and AI products.
    • Familiarity with product cycles with an in-depth knowledge of conversational AI, algorithms, & knowledge management,
    • Clean coding skills along with the working knowledge of front-end development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, and REST APIs
    • Familiarity with agile development and DevOps methodologies
    • Database Collection & Management and functional knowledge of databases like MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

    What Programming Language Is Used For Chatbots?

    Chatbots are heavily dependent on machine learning and natural language processing, so developers will usually employ programming languages that are either naturally prepared to deal with those fields, or that have good libraries to do so.

    Here is a list of the top languages that developers use to create chatbots:

    • Python
    • Java
    • Ruby
    • C++
    • PHP
    • Clojure

    What Is The Salary Of Chatbot Developers?

    The average US salary for a certified C# Developer is around $90.500/year depending on the specialization. In addition, pay rates vary according to the developer’s location, year of experience, and set of skills. Without impacting the last two factors, you can save budget hiring remotely outside the US. 

    Country Salary per year Salary per month Salary per hour
    USA $90,548.00 $7,546.00 $47.00
    Mexico $12,388.00 $1,032.00 $6.00
    Argentina $7,296.00 $608.00 $4.00
    Brazil $14,024.00 $1,169.00 $7.00
    Poland $19,630.00 $1,636.00 $10.00

    How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Chatbot?

    The cost of developing a chatbot will vary depending on the complexity of the chatbot and the required features and functionalities. Some basic chatbots can be developed for as little as a few hundred dollars, while more advanced chatbots can cost several thousand dollars.

    Despite the fact values vary greatly based on specific project specifications, here are some guidelines on the type of values you can expect:

    Features Approximate Development Hours Final Cost ($)
    Conversation 160 $7,520.00
    Frameworks & Libraries Integration 40 $1,880.00
    UI/UX Design 160 $7,520.00
    Personal Approach 80 $3,760.00
    User Account Syncing 80 $3,760.00
    Geolocation 80 $3,760.00
    Payment system 120 $5,640.00
    QA 440 $20,680.00
    DevOps 120 $5,640.00
    Project Management 200 $9,400.00
    Totals 1480 $69,560.00

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