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See instant business growth by hiring a highly qualified Arduino Developer in less than two weeks with DistantJob. These are pre-vetted Arduino developers who fit your company culture, speak fluent English and work according to your timezone.

    Why Hire An Arduino Developer with DistantJob?

    1. We focus on helping companies hire remote developers: DistantJob handles your hiring challenges by matching your company with vetted senior-level Arduino engineers.
    2. We are pocket-friendly; we tap into local markets with lower salary inflation without affecting quality. Your Arduino developers will get paid above their local average while you save money.
    3. You’ll be able to hire Arduino programmers that work remotely in your timezone.

    How Our Process Works

    As a leading remote IT recruitment agency, we care about our clients’ opinions and want them to participate throughout the recruitment process. Why? Because for us, hiring a qualified candidate is not only about the skills and abilities, but it’s also about how candidates match with your company’s culture.

    1.Culture-first Recruiting:

    As soon as you talk with us or fill our form, the first thing we do is analyze your company. We set up a call with you to understand your culture and the type of people you value working with.

    2.The headhunting process begins:

    We reach out to hundreds of candidates that we think might be a possible match for you. In 2 weeks, you’ll start reviewing people that match your requirements. We focus on providing you 3-5 top candidates instead of giving you an endless list.

    3.Contracts, payments, documentation, security - we take care of everything:

    Once you select the candidate, we handle all the contracts and payments from day 1. We also take the legal steps required to protect your IP.

    How to Hire a Full-Time Remote Arduino Developer

    Hiring the best remote developers is a challenging task. Your business competes with thousands of others to find top Arduino developers from a limited pool of worldwide candidates. While you scout around to look for an Arduino developer online, looking at a resume isn’t enough. Without a thorough screening process, your money, time and resources are at stake.

    So, how do you go hire the best Arduino developers for your business? Start with obtaining knowledge on the basics of an Arduino programmer’s skills and responsibilities. This will enable you to write a more detailed job description and ask in-depth interview questions.

    This process can take a long. With your resources focused on the other important aspects of your business, it’s best to take help from an expert in the field of remote hiring. DistantJob comes with more than a decade long experience of helping small and big businesses hire the best Arduino developers. Our expertise in the field can help you with your hiring needs while you save time and money.

    What is Arduino?

    The Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that allows you to create electronic projects with simple hardware and software. One thing that all Arduino boards have in common is a microcontroller. A microcontroller is essentially a little computer.

    You may design and create devices that interact with your surroundings using Arduino. The Arduino boards are essentially a controller for electronics. They can use their onboard microcontroller to read inputs (such as light on a sensor or an object near a sensor) and convert them to outputs (Ring an alarm, turning on an LED, drive a motor and display information on an LCD).

    Makers and electricians can quickly prototype their goods and bring their ideas to life with the Arduino.

    Arduino Developer Qualifications and Skills

    Hiring Arduino developers means looking for a very specific skill-set and knowledge. Here are the main qualifications and experience you should keep in mind when screening candidates.

    • Bachelor’s degree in robotics, computer science, programming languages, or a related field.
    • Familiarity working with a range of Arduino firmware and software libraries.
    • Experience working with embedded systems and IoT devices to create new hardware solutions to problems.
    • Proficiency with Arduino IDE and the Arduino programming language or other similar programming languages, such as C/C++, Python, and JavaScript.
    • A good knowledge of integrated systems.

    Arduino Developers Salaries Worldwide

    The pay scale for remote employees depends on factors like their location, specialization, and experience level.

    • According to Glassdoor the average annual salary of an Arduino developer in the United States is around $85,512.
    • Indeed indicates $85,926 a year.

    You’ll find skilled remote Arduino developers outside the US. Owing to a lower cost of living, hiring remotely will save you money while also ensuring that the developer you hire gets paid as per industry standards or even higher than industry standards in their region. DistantJob, with it’s long and strong experience, is equipped with solid knowledge of the best hiring practices to help you find the best remote talent.

    Here is an overview of the annual salary for qualified Arduino developers outside the US:

    • Latin America: approximately $58,392\/year (Arc.dev)
    • Eastern Europe: $67,449/year (Arc.dev)
    • Asia: $41,201/year (Arc.dev)

    Advantages of Arduino

    Ready To Use

    The best thing about Arduino is that it comes with a ready-to-use structure. The 5V regulator, a burner, an oscillator, a microcontroller, serial communication interface, LED, and headers for connections are all included in the Arduino box.

    You don’t have to think about programmer connections or any other interface when developing. It’s as simple as plugging it into a USB port on your computer. After only a few lines of code, your revolutionary concept will transform the world.

    Easy Functions

    During Arduino coding, you will discover various functionalities that make life so much easier. Another feature of Arduino is its ability to convert units automatically.

    You don’t have to bother about unit conversions while debugging. Simply focus all of your efforts on the most important aspects of your tasks. You don’t have to be concerned about adverse effects.

    The ease of functions helps your remote Arduino programmers work and deliver quickly.

    Big Community

    On the internet, there are a multiple forums where people discuss the Arduino. Arduino is used by engineers, enthusiasts, and professionals to create projects.

    Everything can be readily solved with the help of the internet. Furthermore, the Arduino website explains each and every function of the board. This means that your team of remote Arduino developers will have ample support to complete your business project faster.

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