About Us

We believe that every tech company – regardless of size and budget – deserves access to  focused, full-time qualified IT talent that meets its skill set requirements, fits its culture and wants to commit to a long-term career. 

Traditionally, the largest companies got a monopoly on the best people because they enticed the local talent through a combination of prestige and deep pockets. We made it our mission to change the rules of the game by empowering your business to hire internationally.


Sharon Koifman

DistantJob President

Sharon Koifman is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who used his 15+ years of experience in the tech, recruitment & HR industries to pioneer the remote recruitment model.

After building his first company entirely remotely through the use of freelancers and contractors, he felt burned by the lack of culture and team cohesion. He then decided that there had to be a better way. 

DistantJob is the fruit of his quest to find a model for hiring remotely that results in better culture, focus and motivation – all factors necessary for top performance.

What we do

We Read Your Mind

We do our homework and study your company before the first call. So we know what you need and what kind of business you run before you say a word.

We create an explosive recruitment outreach

We reach a massive number of candidates within days. Our top-of-funnel usually starts at 500+ professionals, then filtered to 2-5 candidates that are perfect fit to your role.

Awesome HR

We schedule regular check-ins with placed candidates & their managers to receive two-way feedback and take action to ensure optimal performance, retention and job satisfaction.

Our Expert Team

Remote business leader

Rustam - VP of Operations

Rustam is the mastermind behind DistantJob’s Operations.

Prior to joining DistantJob 8 years ago as one of the first employees, he was a business development lead at Freeje – a telecom start-up.

Rustam covered almost every single role in the company and knows it like a palm of his hand.

He is in charge of development and design for all internal IT projects.

He is also a passionate traveler who never feels better than on the road; an avid scuba diver and an enthusiast photographer.

Luís - Director of Marketing

Luís leads the Marketing efforts in DistantJob, and is the host of the DistantJob Podcast, where he has interviewed leaders from companies that are defining the Future of Work, from Buffer and Mailchimp to Microsoft.

His non-traditional career path has seen him being a surgeon, editor, eSports writer, and becoming a best-selling fiction author in Portugal, his native homeland.

In his spare time, he tries to make a dent into his backlog of over 1000 unplayed retro video games.

Ihor - Director of Recruitment

Ihor leads the team at the core of what makes DistantJob successful – our incredible recruitment team!

With over 8 years of experience as an IT recruitment professional, Ihor’s experience covers the whole breadth of the staffing and recruitment lifecycle – from sourcing and recruiting himself, to leading teams of recruiters.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International economics and management, and a Master’s degree in International Business Management.

On a sunny day you’ll find him in a green field, playing football. On a rainy day, you’ll find him on his couch with a PS4 controller. Playing football.

Mercedes Rodriguez

Mercedes - Account Executive

With a strong marketing and client relations background, Mercedes is the stage manager of this show – she double and triple-checks that candidates are the right fit before sending them on stage. Thanks to her, our recruitment process is seamless, on time, and on the mark. 

She’s also running point with our clients and hired staff and will stop at nothing to maintain top satisfaction for both parties – she lives and breathes retention.

Mercedes enjoyed growing up in two vastly different countries. She knows what it means to go the extra mile to bridge gaps and build solid relationships.

Her firm beliefs include cheddar cheese, nerds ruling the world, and good old-fashioned laughter.

DistantJob levels up your team with top international tech talent.
We find exceptional people fast and cost-effectively.