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The .Net Developer Salary Guide

 .NET is a  framework with different languages, editors, and multiple libraries that makes the development of different types of applications easier. As it enables developers […]

Programming Languages Ranking: Top 9 in 2023

The IT field is an evolving industry. New databases, programming languages, and frameworks are appearing every day. Here is an overview of different rankings to […]

Best 6 Languages for iOS App Development in 2023

Which Programming Languages Are Used to Make iOS Apps? In 2021, over 4.32 billion unique mobile devices were used to access the internet. This indicates […]

6 Best Practices Of IT Resource Management

Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM) is the planning, scheduling, and allocating of resources required for practical project completion or business success. ITRM involves a delicate […]

App vs. Website: Which One is Better for Your Business?

One of the biggest dilemmas for a business owner today is ‘given the option of mobile app vs. website, what is the best option to […]

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)? Meaning and Benefits

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) happens when a company or organization outsources its recruitment processes to an external agency. RPO solutions have become an enticing proposition […]

Full Stack vs. Specialized Developer: Who Is The Best For Your Remote Business?

If you’re hiring web developers, you have two main options: hire a full stack developer or a specialized developer. But the choice isn’t as straightforward as […]

What is JavaScript Used For?

You’ve probably heard of the JavaScript language before. Even if you haven’t, you’ve very likely interacted with a web page or another digital product that used JavaScript […]

6 Steps to Create a UX Scorecard

Products live and die by their adoption. Companies developing products and services are placing User eXperience (UX) at the top of their concerns since it creates more […]

Are you our next superstar remote developer?

You live, breathe and eat code, and have fun figuring out how to solve problems. And you love living in South America or Eastern Europe. But you don’t feel as fulfilled as your friends in North America.