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Need a Developer? Strategies to Find Developers for Startups (2022)

20% of startups fail in the first two years. And do you know why? Almost a quarter of failures are because of teamwork issues. If you’re looking […]

10 Tech Recruitment Tips That Matter – Backed By Our IT Experts

Hiring developers can be challenging if you don’t have any technical background. You can have general guidelines and a technical recruiting cheat sheet, but it […]

What is Remote Recruitment and How Can It Help My Company?

Most employers try to manage their payroll costs to stay competitive. Whether you’re a small business owner in need of some IT help or an […]

This enables our team to deliver their best work and innovate how headhunting and HR are done on a global scale.

Recruiting Software Engineers: How to Hire the Best World Class Talent?

In the tech industry, talented developers are the diamonds everyone wants – but few can have. Whether it’s because they are far away, charge exorbitant […]

What is Staff Augmentation? Strategy to Expand Your IT Team

Nowadays, IT staff augmentation is companies’ most popular method to scale their teams with skilled developers. Staff augmentation is a service used to staff projects […]

How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost?

With the rapid change of the online space, companies have to keep modernizing their online presence to stay relevant, project an image of modernity and, […]

7 Steps to Build an eCommerce App

Commerce over the internet has come to stay. With giants such as Amazon and eBay, stores all over the world depend now more than ever […]

Software Development Project Management: Definition, Process, and Tools

Project management and software development work hand-in-hand with HTML and CSS. You don’t want to see one without the other.  To quickly and effectively get […]

How to Hire Independent IT Contractors Globally

In recent years, remote work has become very prevalent, especially in the IT industry. With the rise of remote work, contract work has also become […]

MVP Software Development: A Complete Guide

If you have been following software development and product designing for some time, you should have come across the term MVP, meaning Minimum Viable Product, […]

App Development: How Much Does It Cost To Build an App

App development costs vary wildly depending on the resources you have available and the features you need. You can have an internal development team or […]

Remote Staffing VS Outsourcing: What’s The Difference?

In the last few years, software development companies started changing the way they find and recruit employees, using both remote staffing and outsourcing to find […]

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