Where To Hire Your Next Great IT Specialist?

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2020 transformed the way people live and work. Last year, the job market witnessed record-breaking job losses and the highest unemployment rate in May 2020.

Fortunately, we manage to get to 2021. According to the Future of Work 2021 Global Outlook Special Report, 82% of employers plan to hire, with 37% re-hire backfill jobs and 35% for new jobs. Especially for IT specialists, these are good news. 49% of tech industry respondents are opening new positions for this year. Of all respondents, 93% are confident of finding the right candidate for their company.

Finally, surveys and statistics suggest being optimistic. For thousands of employees seeking a job, there are as many companies opening new positions. However, there is a question that these data can’t answer. Where to find the best IT specialist for your company?

Even in the tech field, people struggle to hire a good fit for their teams. Only in the U.S., hiring IT professionals is getting harder every day. While digital technologies keep proliferating,  by 2026 a shortage of tech positions is going to 1.2M. IT employees don’t exactly grow on trees, and finding the best fit for your team requires a careful hiring process. 

Where To Hire The Best IT Professional?

If you are struggling to find a qualified IT specialist to boost your company’s growth, you’re not alone. Last year was tough for the recruiting world, and we all had to adjust strategies to find new IT talent to develop projects. There’s always a way to find the best fit for your company even if this means to re-shape your hiring process. 

Here are some tips on where to start looking to hire IT professionals:

1. Ask Your Freelancers

If you already have part-time or freelance personnel working in an IT capacity for your company, it can’t hurt to ask whether one of those freelancers would like to come on board full-time. After all, people’s needs and goals change. If one of your existing freelancers wants to join your team, you won’t have to repeat the normal onboarding process or start a new hiring process. 

2. Your Current Staff

Promoting internal hiring is one of the preferred strategies post-pandemic. Internal mobility is up to 20% since the beginning of the COVID crisis, and for 50% avoiding the hiring process helps cut costs and maintain teamwork. 

Ideally, most companies like to promote from within. But if you want someone to truly excel as an IT specialist, you’ll need to map out a training regimen so current employees can learn what they need to know. If you throw someone into the position without any guidance, they’ll likely fail – and you’re right back where you began.

3. Social Media & Job Boards

35% of job seekers, almost a third of workers, learn about opening job positions through social media and 41% of younger workers use it in most cases. It is the easiest way to send more CVs to an online social profile instead of churning out personalized cover letters. Just be sure you have the time and patience to look through the hundreds (thousands?) of online applications you’re likely to receive.

5. Headhunting

Of course, you can actively or surreptitiously recruit IT professionals already employed elsewhere. Most companies love this solution, relying on people commonly known as headhunters. For IT headhunters recruiters you can count on discretion when seeking talent. Especially now, people are willing to leave their job for a remote position and more flexibility in the working hours. You might have to be prepared to pay to lure a qualified candidate away from their current position. But for specialized positions, this one of the best strategies to hire the best talent. 

6. Consider Remote Recruiters as a Better Solution

These few and very specialized agencies combine the stability of hiring a full-time worker with access to a much larger applicant pool. Imagine finding the perfectly qualified individual cheaper than traditional employees, that’s a solution more and more companies are opting for when looking for the ideal fit. The remote IT recruiters from DistantJob team don’t only offer a wider talent pool and strategies to hire IT professionals at affordable rates. They also offer a structured hiring process saving you lots of time. From screening CVs to interview, our team of remote recruits takes care of each step showing you only the best findings. 

Get Ready To Hire Your IT Specialist With DistantJob! 

Even if 2020 changed the rules of the game, hiring your IT specialist isn’t impossible! There are some solutions to help you start your research. You can start by writing down a job ad and looking for candidates through social media. 

With thousands of replies, screening CVs and interviewing candidates are crucial steps to hiring the best IT specialist for your team. If you’re interested in learning more about remote recruiting or don’t have time for all of this, check us out. DistantJob is a remote recruitment agency specialized in screening, testing, and headhunting highly skilled IT professionals from all over the globe!


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Maria Rainelli

Maria Rainelli

Maria Rainelli is a freelance writer who works with DistantJob to research and synthesise the best remote work related content into practical, accurate and actionable guides and articles on how to improve remote leadership and better manage your teams.