What is Remote Recruiting and How Can It Help My Company?

Sure, most people love to save money. But unlike the retail market, companies looking to fill job positions cannot take advantage of coupons, limited-time sale prices, or two-for-one specials.

Remote recruiting

Yes, two heads are better than one – but you can’t hire this type of employee.

Even so, employers should try to manage their payroll costs in order to stay competitive. This is true whether you’re a small business owner in need of some IT help, an entrepreneur who wants a team to build and maintain a website, or a manager of a large company who is trying to free up some money and resources to increase the budget for use in other areas.

There is one solution for all of these situations: remote recruiting.

Defining Remote Recruiting

Let’s define this term by breaking it up into its two words. Hiring remote workers technically means employing people who work outside the office or business. These days, remote workers are being distinguished from the 3.3 million telecommuting employees in the U.S. because the latter are often expected to appear in the office from time to time. Conversely, remote workers are permanently based far away from the business – usually thousands of miles away.

As for the recruiting part of the term, it refers to the same occupation as that of local headhunters or job placement agencies: locating potential employees for a particular company. But remote recruiters focus their efforts in overseas and/or emerging markets where skilled workers are plentiful and available. And instead of a company’s HR department searching Internet job boards for talent, a remote recruiting agency handles the entire identifying, screening, and testing functions of this process.

Remote recruiting

If she was selected by a recruiting agency, you know that she is well-qualified.

Benefits of Remote Recruiting

For certain types of businesses and job duties, remote recruiting can be an effective tool for improving a company’s bottom line. First, these remote workers usually have the same skills as their on-site counterparts, but their payroll costs are less than half of those associated with traditional employees. In addition, remote recruiters can select from a talent pool that’s unfettered by geographical restrictions because these applicants will never need to commute to an office. Finally, studies show that remote workers are just as dedicated – and possibly even more productive – than regular on-site employees.

In addition, there are significant benefits to hiring a remote recruiting agency to procure remote workers than to contract with faraway freelancers or outsource a division entirely. Since freelancers work for themselves, they ultimately set their own schedules and prioritize projects according to their own workloads, rather than devoting all of their efforts toward achieving your company’s goals. As for outsourcing a division, you face the problem of delegating authority to an unfocused manager who is responsible for supervising unknown workers.

With remote recruiting, however, you get the best of both worlds. Your business can take advantage of a larger talent pool and reduced personnel costs while maintaining direct control and oversight of remote workers just like they are normal full-time employees. Moreover, remote recruiters have an intimate understanding of the various remote worker markets, so they can find you the most highly-qualified applicants possible. And most importantly, a remote recruiting agency has the commitment and experience to find remote workers that possess the required job skills, communicate adequately, and have the willingness to embrace your company’s core values.

Remote recruiting

She’s a proud full-time employee of your company – even though her home is half a world away.

Looking for a Superior Remote Recruiting Agency?

Our company, DistantJob is a remote recruitment agency with over a decade of experience in matching remote workers with Western companies. The HR team at DistantJob are all IT specialists in their own right, with the know-how to identify applicants who have the specific skill set that your business requires. And our team’s extensive screening processes help you find remote workers who are happy to adhere to your schedule, can speak and understand English, and are able to communicate with you directly and in real-time.

For more information, visit our website today. And start experiencing the joy of substantially reducing your human resources expenses.

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Sharon Koifman

Sharon Koifman

Sharon Koifman believes every company, from the biggest enterprise to the newly-launched garage startup, should have access to world’s top talent. That’s why he used over 10 years of experience in tech industry recruitment & HR to create DistantJob. His unique recruitment model allows DistantJob’s clients to get high quality IT experts working remotely at a fraction of the usual cost - with no red tape and within two weeks.

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