Testimonial – How CEATI International’s Expectations Were Blown Away

The Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation (CEATI) is a user-driven organisation that brings its electrical utility participants together to collaborate. Their goal: to advance the industry through the sharing and developing of practical and applicable knowledge. Its participants are spread across 20 countries on 6 continents. In addition to facilitating information exchange through […]

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surgent professional education

Testimonial – From Remote Developer at Surgent to Managing An Entire Remote Team

Surgent Professional Education is the largest independent provider of continuing education for CPAs and other financial professionals in the U.S. Surgent aims to serve as the most reliable and trustworthy source of the practical and timely information that tax and financial professionals need to excel professionally. Deciding to bring the development team in-house, and already […]

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The Five Best Personality Types For Remote Work

If given the option, most people would drop their office job for the unfettered freedom of working at home in their snuggie cape in a heartbeat. But not everyone is suited to such an arrangement. As it turns out, some personalities fare better at remote work than others, and for hiring managers, it can be […]

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3 tactics on How to Conduct a Great Interview

  Recruiting the right group of individuals that meld into a collaborative, finely-tuned workforce goes beyond evaluating a potential candidate’s resume. You need to find excellent people who are a good fit for your culture – if you have a defined culture and you find people that integrate well with it, the rest takes care […]

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The Making of your Company’s Remote Culture

  So, you’ve poured a lot of sweat and tears into building your company. You’re proud of your achievement, and yet, just like any parent, you’re worried about what the future may bring to your baby. Sometimes you might even feel you're the only one who cares and everyone else involved is just looking to […]

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Battle of Remote Meetings – Skype, Skype for Business, and Slack

Battle of Remote Meetings – Skype, Skype for Business, and Slack   If you’ve been following our blog, you know by now that communication is the number one factor in getting the most out of your remote employees. And the most impactful way to communicate with others remotely is by video chat. There’s still no […]

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Top 3 Slack Chat Alternatives for Remote Teams

Everybody loves Slack. The easy going chat application took the startup world by storm a couple of years ago, and has been going strong ever since. But maybe you don’t feel comfortable going with Slack? After all, it isn’t perfect. Its free plan limits context search quite drastically, it forces you to rely on their […]

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How To Set Up Your Internet To Ensure a Smooth Agile Video Conferencing Experience

Meetings are an important part of running a business.  But when meetings start having too many hiccups, people will start pushing to have less of them. So if your remote employees’ video feed keeps breaking up during, for example, a daily Agile meeting, people will get annoyed, and might even start suggesting you cut the […]

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3 Ways Remote Employees Feel More Like Part of the Team

Ah the telecommuting life. A quick commute from the bedroom to the home office (with a pit stop in the kitchen for a bite to eat) and then it’s project to project in pajamas right? Not exactly. While there are plenty of remote jobs out there that tout the luxury of time and convenience, many professional […]

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Does Your Company Have Intellectual Diversity?

The idea that companies can forego cultural diversity in their approach to product development and team building is likely no longer a viable option for most in today's global marketplace. Moving toward a rich and complex organizational structure, most smart businesses are seeking talent with a diverse approach to creating new ideas and strategic problem-solving […]

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