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Strategies for Startups to Find and Hire Developers(2024)

Finding and hiring the right developers is a cornerstone for your startup’s success, especially given the precarious nature of startup longevity. Statistics reveal that 70% […]

10 Tech Recruitment Tips That Matter – Backed By Our IT Experts

Hiring developers can be challenging if you don’t have any technical background. You can have general guidelines and a technical recruiting cheat sheet, but it […]

What is Remote Recruitment and How Can It Help My Company?

Remote recruitment, also known as virtual recruitment, is the process of sourcing, interviewing, evaluating, and hiring employees for remote positions, all conducted virtually through modern […]

This enables our team to deliver their best work and innovate how headhunting and HR are done on a global scale.

9 Common Mistakes When Interviewing Remote Employees and How to Avoid Them

Having a solid recruitment process, trusting your instincts, and evaluating for culture fit are all aspects that you need to consider when hiring remotely. However, […]

The Complete Guide for Hiring a Xamarin Developer in 2024 

Xamarin jumped to the market a few years ago with a game-changing solution that bridges the gap between Android and iOS, allowing businesses to expand […]

How and Why You Should Re-Engage Disengaged Remote Developers

When an all-star employee strikes out, you have two choices. Either let them go and start over with another developer. Or re-engage them. Finding a […]

How an IT Headhunter Can Transform Your Hiring Strategy

As more than 78% of leaders within the IT sector identify a critical skills gap among their team members, the task of hiring tech professionals continues to […]

iOS Interview Questions: What Recruiters Usually Asks

If you are starting the hiring process, either as a candidate or an interviewer, here is a list of 10 comprehensive and essential IOS interview […]

UX/UI Designer VS. UX/UI Developer: What’s the Difference?

Ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through a webpage, only to leave frustrated without finding what you need?  On my side, the first example coming to […]

Best Interview Questions to Ask an Entry Level & Senior Java Developer

Are you looking to hire a Java developer? Or do you have interviews coming on the way? The best way to get ready for an […]

What Is A Tech Stack? Which one is the Right one for your Project?

You’re probably familiar with the term “tech stack.” Or, maybe this is the first time you hear it.  While the two words that form the […]

What Metrics Should You Track for Reviewing Your Developer’s Performance

Assessing developer’s productivity in the remote work era is a challenge. According to a Future of Work Report, 64% of developers are more productive when working […]

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