Is Eastern Europe a Good Source of Software Engineering Talent? We Have the Answer

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The United States, China, and India are well known to be countries that excel in software development. But during the last years, other countries in Eastern Europe have proven to be a good source of software engineering talent. Big tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Google have shifted their focus to Eastern European developers from Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, etc. Why? They proved they can deliver quality IT services, have a good level of English, convenient time zone difference and in addition to that, the cost for their services is quite reasonable compared to ones you will be paying in the US and Western Europe.

The Statistics Speaks for ITself

When you think of technology, Silicon Valley likely crosses your mind – as is the case for most people. Companies such as Facebook, Google, and Apple have earned recognition for being the employers of hundreds of talented code lovers. Yet, other states in the US have also proven to have equal or even better talent.

Based on the HackerRank coding skill test results, Washington and Wyoming were the states with the best developers in the United States. California – Silicon Valley – earned third place. But, on a global scale, the United States is far from being one of the best countries to have the most skilled developers who can keep with the best software practices.

What are the Top Countries for Software Engineers Based on Data? 

Skill Value made a report in 2019 based on +550 technical assessments to determine the regions of the best developers. All of them – except for Mexico – belong to Europe. 

Rank CountryScore Index
6Czech Republic93,07%

5 out of the 10 top countries in the Skills Value report are part of  Eastern Europe. Nowadays, the region has thousands of talented developers with outstanding programming skills. One of the main reasons is that their technical education is of superior quality. 

Expand Your Team with International Talent

5 Eastern Europe Countries to Hire Developers From 

  1. Slovakia

Slovakia has the highest score for software development skills in the world. In the last decade, the country grew in both software development and computer technologies. Also, the Slovak IT sector has over 92% of professionals who are fluent English speakers. 

Salary: The average salary of a software developer in Slovakia is approximately $27,000 per year, while in the US, it increases to $71,342 per year

2. Poland

Poland’s tech industry generates over 29% of jobs in the Polish labor market, with over 250,000 programmers. In 2019, the IT market revenue in Poland reached $11.79 billion. Predictions estimate that by 2021 the revenue will grow up to $12.1 billion. 

Salary: The average salary of a software developer in Poland is approximately $29,640 per year

3. Hungary

The software development industry represents about 6% of the Hungarian economy. Around 80,100 people work in this sector. Regarding education, Hungary has approximately 2,700 high education graduates every year. According to the Hungary Information Technology Report, IT services are expected to grow by $993 million during this year. 

Salary: The average salary of a software developer in Hungary is approximately $20,000 per year. 

4. Ukraine

By 2020 the number of software developers in Ukraine will reach up to 20,000. The IT industry in Ukraine is growing approximately 26% a year, and during 2019 the revenues reached $5 billion. One of the main reasons for this growth is because they have about 800 higher education institutions.

Salary: The average salary of a software developer in Ukraine is approximately $30,000 per year. 

5. Czech Republic 

The IT sector in the Czech Republic earns $3 billion in annual revenue and currently employs approximately 155,000 people. The country has over 180 service companies, most of them located in Prague. It’s also a rich software talent pool because most of its tech professionals are fluent English speakers. 

Salary: The average salary of a software developer in the Czech Republic is approximately $24,000 per year.

How to Hire Remote Eastern European Developers Fast and Easy? 

These are 4 of the best strategies for hiring remote Eastern European developers: 

Freelance platforms: It’s a good place to find developers to work on a single project or task. Yet, if you are looking for committed employees who integrate into your company’s culture, avoid these chaotic platforms.

Job boards: These are a fast solution if you are in urgent need of hiring a developer. Candidates can connect directly to your company and apply.  However, there is no vetting, so you could spend time and resources interviewing many candidates with no guarantees. 

Social networking: Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have tons of talented developers seeking jobs. Whether in communities or private groups, it’s easy to identify who is looking for a job. The downside is that it’s a time-consuming process.

Remote recruitment agencies like DistantJob: These types of agencies aren’t limited to one area when seeking qualified applicants; they search worldwide and headhunt the best developers.  And you get the talent you are looking for; a developer who fits your professional requirements and your company’s culture.

At DistantJob, as a top IT remote recruitment agency, we know everything about making the perfect match between companies and candidates. You tell us what type of candidate you are looking for and we will headhunt the best options to present to you – in only two weeks.  Looking to hire a developer from Romania, Poland, Serbia, or another country from Eastern Europe? No problem, we got you covered.

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