Why Your Company Needs an IT Headhunter to Hire the Right Talent

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Headhunters: It’s a word that conjures up a certain image. While we may have redefined the term in modern times, the word still evokes its history. Thousands of years ago (but up until the middle ages) the practice of taking and keeping the head’s of your enemies was common practice. Talking about an IT headhunter may make you consider a ruthless individual with few scruples who will do anything to get the commission.

To a certain extent, that’s true. There are headhunters out there who know very little about the companies they are hiring for, and less about the specific roles. They tend to work on commission and get called in to recruit when the need to hire is urgent. It’s a high and fast turnover business, where there isn’t the time to get to know the company well, let alone the candidates.

While they may give the industry a bad name, they’re not the only players in the game. If you have a vacancy to fill, and you’re looking for the best talent around, then turning to dedicated IT headhunters isn’t a bad decision. Here’s why:

1. They Know the Tech Industry

IT is a rapidly changing industry – you only have to look at how things have developed over the past few weeks as tech companies have delivered more solutions to allow people to work from home safely in the wake of COVID-19. The specifics of what your company delivers has a real impact on the sort of person you need to hire, and what their skills are. If your recruiter doesn’t understand what you do, they can’t possibly find the right candidate for you.

Developers working in the computer

2. They Know the Roles

Not only does IT change quickly, it’s also a complex industry that has its own language. A professional IT recruiter will understand the difference between front and back end devs and won’t think of pancakes when you ask for a full-stack. Finding the right candidate means looking for someone who has used the right tools and worked on similar projects.

3. They Know You

We know that finding a candidate who is the best fit for your company and its culture is the most important part of the hiring decision. No database search or quick flip through a pile of resumes is going to be the same as someone taking the time to find out what makes you unique, and then looking for candidates who reflect that.

Hire the best IT talent

4. They Know Where the Top Tech Talent Lives

Choosing an industry-specific recruiter is the best way to find someone who knows where in the world the best talent can be found. A lot of tech recruiters are clustered around Silicon Valley for this reason, because the received wisdom is that the best talent goes where the money is and the big payers like Microsoft and Google can all be found there.

But the truth is that not everyone can, or wants to, live in the same area.

Countries like United States, India are well known for their software developers. But during the last years, other countries have proven to be a good source of finding great developers like Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

And let’s forget that not everyone wants to work for one of the giants of the industry. While some developers want to be cogs in bigger machines, others thrive by working with smaller teams, developing new products and services. Another might prefer a medium-size organization, and the chance to refine a product and help improve what’s already there. Knowing what attracts the best developers is a vital part of recruitment.

One of the (many, many) benefits of hiring a remote dev team is that you are no longer tied to hiring the people who happen to live within a few miles of your premises or might be willing to relocate there. The world is literally your oyster when it comes to finding the pearl of a dev who will be the perfect addition to your team.

5. They Save You Time

The average corporate job opening gets 250 applicants. That’s why HR teams use recruiters to pre-screen, and some tech recruiters use AI to spot keywords and locate the ‘best matches.’ But a specialist IT recruiter will already have a list of candidates that they know are right for your role, pre-screened and ready for your attention.

And if they don’t have the right person? Because of all the above, they’ll know exactly where to find them. An IT headhunter can reach out through their network and get you a shortlist in record time.

6. Not all IT Headhunters are Equal

As we said, there are professional headhunters who make their living by finding candidates – for any company and any role. They might be upfront and call themselves a headhunter, or they might use euphemisms like ‘talent scout’. They’ll proactively find you a candidate, often those who are already working for another company, and poach them. If you’re lucky, using this method will get you a good hire, but the best way to ensure hiring success is to go to a dedicated IT staffing agency.

Of course, we’re a little biased here. We’re a remote technical recruitment agency; that’s our niche and it’s the area where we excel. We work with companies all around the world, and we match them to candidates from our lists, or we go and find the right person if we don’t happen to have a match on file.

7. Hire the Best IT Headhunter – DistantJob

We work a little differently to most recruitment agencies because we are specialists. If you’re looking to hire an architect for an office-based role, we’re not for you. But if you want to find the very best developers for you, then we’re your guys.

We’ll take some time to get to know you, your company, and your culture. Then we’ll make sure that we have a thorough understanding of the role that you’re looking to fill. Because we have a great reputation, we have a database of candidates, so our first port of call will be to look there. We don’t use a search algorithm to come up with possibilities, we use our knowledge of the industry, what you do, and of the people on our list to pull together, a shortlist for you.

When you get that shortlist, you know that these people are a good match for your culture, that their tech skills have already been verified, and that they are remote ready. As the world is currently finding out, while most people want to work from home, not everyone is cut out for it. And the best part? We can find you the best IT talent in under two weeks; that’s way faster than the industry average.

Sharon Koifman, DistantJob’s President and Founder, explains the benefits of hiring a remote recruitment agency:

So, if you’re considering an IT headhunter we hope that you’ll consider using DistantJob; yes, we’re willing to go out and take some scalps for you but we’ll make absolutely certain that they’re the right ones. Sound good? Get in touch today.

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Sarah Dixon

Sarah Dixon

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