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5 Reasons Why You Should Work with Recruitment IT Agencies

Joana Almeida
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The process of hiring people to fill a company’s job postings is often a job unto itself. It takes a person (or, depending on the size of the company or the complexity of its business, several people) dedicated full-time to find the right candidates. That does not come without high costs, both in terms of time and money. That’s why companies have begun to rely on recruitment agencies as partners to help alleviate this problem and allow them to focus on their business.

But why use a recruitment IT agency? What are the advantages of using an agency for your company’s hiring efforts?

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed rundown of the business benefits of using an IT recruitment agency.

1. You Get Access To A Highly Experienced And Knowledgeable Team

Hiring is always a demanding experience, especially when you’re looking to hire for a complex area such as IT. 

As IT fields evolve and develop, the technologies and methodologies, they use change as well. It’s important to stay in the loop not only to know how to target your hiring campaigns but also to project a good image to your potential employees when talking to and interviewing them.

One of the benefits of using a recruitment agency is that you get access to a team of recruiters that makes it their focus to stay on top of technologies and how they evolve in various tech fields. They know how to ask the right questions and how to evaluate potential candidates with the right processes.

If your team isn’t ready to tackle hiring complexities and you’re asking yourself, “Should I go to a recruitment agency?” the answer is a definitive yes. They are highly knowledgeable of the job market and its intricacies, being able to coach their customers on hiring best practices. They know which skills to look for in a candidate, how to test those skills, and the salary expectations of the job position at hand. 

Before even getting your first CV to analyze, you’ll know the most vital information about a job’s requirements and demands so you can take action and make the best decisions for your company.

2. You Reach More Recruits With More Varied Backgrounds

Finding the right candidate locally is hard; the more so, the more niche the type of skill set is needed for the position.

IT companies have begun looking for remote talent to offset this problem. Not only are they able to find more candidates by broadening their search, but they also get people with more varied backgrounds. This is especially important if your company seeks diversity and inclusion hires to bring new experiences and know-how to their teams.

Recruitment agencies not only tap into these remote people, but they also actively search for professionals who aren’t necessarily looking for a position. These candidates, also often called “passive talent,” are a huge market that experienced recruiters can take advantage of. Recruiters also know how to entice passive talent to make career moves that benefit both the talent themselves and the clients of the agency.

3. You Get Hires With Greater Quality

A side-effect of tapping into a greater number of candidates is that you can also find more qualified people overall. This is especially important for niche positions that have very specific requirements.

By having access to more people, recruitment agencies can test candidates more thoroughly and find the ones with higher qualifications. The recruiters working in these agencies are versed in many processes to screen and test candidates and employ the best ones depending on the situation and the requirements of the client.

Also, some recruitment agencies, such as DistantJob, go the extra mile and provide better options to their clients by analyzing the company’s culture and only showcasing the candidates which match it.

4. Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

Employing a recruitment agency reduces the time you need to spend to get a new candidate on board. By handing over that responsibility to your expert recruitment partner, you can focus on what your company does best and reduce your time-to-hire by a large percentage.

Recruitment agencies take care of the laborious hiring administrative processes. They find the right candidates, present you with their findings, and even schedule interviews on your behalf. All of this, so you and your company do not have to waste time.

5. You Don’t Blow a Hole In Your Budget For Recruiting

Hiring a recruitment agency will greatly reduce your hiring costs.

With their experience and knowledge, recruiters are highly adept at finding the right people in shorter times. This has several positive effects on your company:

  • You no longer have to pay for job adverts and candidate assessment software.
  • Your staff is free to focus on other more important parts of their jobs.
  • Reduces the need (or shortens the time needed) for temporary workers and other measures to compensate for a lack of a specific professional.
  • By tapping into a global remote market, your IT recruiter can find qualified people anywhere in the world at more affordable prices.
  • By finding the right fit, you don’t have to waste money by potentially hiring an unfit candidate and having to go through the process again or by needing extensive training.

Building a good relationship with an IT recruiter will pay off in the long run: you can pass that responsibility in the knowledge that you’re always getting the best possible at the best price.

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If you’ve ever wondered, “Should I use a recruitment agency?”, now you know that the answer is a resounding yes and why it is so.

When hiring, the disadvantages of using a recruitment agency are minimal when compared to the advantages. The role of recruitment agencies is to bring you the best talent at affordable rates and make the hiring experience as painless as possible so you can relax and focus on what really matters: developing quality products for your customers.

Now that you know what to look for in an IT staffing agency, why not check out DistantJob? We provide you with the best candidates available for your IT needs, be it expert developers, engineers, or anything in between. We conduct a rigorous screening process to find the best matches that fit your company’s specific needs and company culture. Get in contact with us today, and never worry about the process of hiring anyone again!

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