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Costanza Tagliaferri

Researcher and technical writer


Costanza Tagliaferri, a researcher located in Italy, brings a unique blend of continental philosophy and art & visual culture from Radboud University to her role as a content writer at our IT staffing agency, DistantJob. Specializing in digital art and creative coding, she explores technology beyond its commodification, focusing on playfulness in digital techniques. At DistantJob, she specializes in articulating complex tech concepts, particularly in IT recruitment and programming languages.

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Perfect Your Exit Interview with Pro Tips and Questions 

Running a remote company means dealing with offboarding protocols. An employee can leave for many reasons, from voluntary resignation to termination or retirement. More importantly, […]

5 Mobile App Development Trends in 2024

How many apps do you use everyday? Probably more than 10. If you are a millennial, you probably open your app more than 50 times a day. […]

What are the Best Toptal Alternatives in 2024 for Remote Developer Hiring?

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12 Best IT Staffing Agencies for Hiring Remote Talent in 2024

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UX/UI Designer VS. UX/UI Developer: What’s the Difference?

Ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through a webpage, only to leave frustrated without finding what you need?  On my side, the first example coming to […]

A Roundup of the Top 28 Ruby on Rails Companies in 2023

Ruby on Rails provides developers with an excellent ecosystem for developing high-performing web applications. It’s reliable, fast, and supported by a huge community of talented […]

Hiring Developers in Latin America? Here’s What You Need to Kn

Long before the surge in remote work, India was a traditional hub for offshore software developers. However, the tech hiring landscape is evolving, with regions […]

How Many Software Developers Are There in The World?

How Many Software Developers Exist in The World? With the rise of technology, the role of software development has become crucial. According to the latest […]

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