Hire a Skilled Zapier Developer in 3 Easy Steps with DistantJob

Looking to hire a Zapier developer? At DistsantJob, we got you covered. We will help you find and hire the best remote Zapier developers. With our international team of recruiters and our effective recruitment method, we can help you hire fluent-in English and time-zone-friendly Zapier developers in less than two weeks for half the cost.

    Why Hire A Zapier Developer with DistantJob?

    1. We focus on helping companies hire remote developers: DistantJob handles your hiring challenges by matching your company with vetted senior-level Zapier Developers.
    2. We are pocket-friendly; we tap into local markets with lower salary inflation without affecting quality. Your new Zapier Developer will get paid above their local average while you save money.
    3. You’ll be hiring fully committed remote employees with verified skills, working in your time zone

    Hire Zapier Developers Through DistantJob in 3 Easy Steps

    As a leading remote IT recruitment agency, we care that our clients take part throughout the hiring process. Why? Because for us, hiring a qualified candidate is not only about the skills and abilities, but it’s also about how candidates match with your company’s culture.

    1.Culture-first Recruiting:

    As soon as you talk with us or fill our form, the first thing we do is analyze your company. We set up a call with you to understand your culture and the type of people you value working with.

    2.The headhunting process begins:

    We reach out to hundreds of candidates that we think might be a possible match for you. In 2 weeks, you’ll start reviewing people that match your requirements. We focus on providing you 3-5 top candidates instead of giving you an endless list.

    3.Contracts, payments, documentation, security - we take care of everything:

    Once you select the candidate, we handle all the contracts and payments from day 1. We also take the legal steps required to protect your IP.

    How to Hire Zapier Developers at Half of the Usual Cost?

    Recruiting the best Zapier developers or any developer is becoming increasingly difficult. This is primarily because the demand for skilled developers is rising, and thousands of organizations are competing to hire from the limited pool of quality developers. With such high demand and increased competition to hire from companies, developer hiring costs shoot up.

    Now you don’t only have to bother with hiring the best Zapier developer but also the cost associated. At DistantJob, we help you save costs by helping you hire Zapier developers for half the cost.

    Our global recruitment team has a wide network of talented developers ready to start working for you. With our effective and streamlined process, we headhunt and discover certified Zapier developers who are career-driven and will successfully adapt to your team. Our team vets developers ruthlessly until they are left with a Top 5 list of developers that you can choose from.

    Additionally, hiring a remote developer is a lot less expensive than an on-ground employee, which drastically cuts your salary budget in half. And from all of this, you get the best time-zone-friendly developers that understand your company’s goals and vision, deliver error-free automation, stick to deadlines, and are easy to communicate with as they’re fluent in English.

    What is Zapier?

    Zapier is a SaaS tool that enables you to automate workflows by integrating the apps and services you use. This allows you to automate tasks without needing to create the integration by delving into complex codes yourself.

    Here are the primary features of the tool:

    • Build one-to-one connections with the apps you use every day.
    • Create complex workflows from any app
    • Extend your workflows from the app
    • Build conditional workflows from any app
    • Automate basic, routine, and complex tasks.

    What is a Zapier Developer?

    A certified Zapier developer integrates 3rd party APIs with your brand software solutions using Zapier to automate business processes and tasks, build simple and complex development integrations, simplify social media curating and posting, and much more.

    Roles and Responsibilities of a Zapier Developer

    The roles and responsibilities of a certified Zapier developer include:

    • Fixing or building a Zap
    • Developing a private or public Zapier integration
    • Creating a business or system workflow
    • Eliminating business process bottlenecks
    • Planning automation workflows to cut down on costs.
    • Managing built Zaps
    • Identifying business processes that can be automated and integrated for ease of use

    Zapier Developer Skills to Look For

    Every certified Zapier developer must possess the below skills:

    • The best Zapier developer must be experienced at conducting workflow analysis to identify opportunities and inefficiencies for automation.
    • When you hire a Zapier developer they must have an eye out for building workflows that enable scalability and ease of use.
    • Zapier developers must be able to define and map business processes and roles.
    • If you’re looking to hire a Zapier developer they should be capable of integrating all third-party tools to your brand’s current solutions or to other such apps through webhooks, email, direct API, etc.
    • Zapier developers must be able to build full business automation.
    • The best Zapier developers can help you enhance your existing automation processes by creating more seamless ones or help you build custom integrations.

    Zapier Developer Global Salaries

    The cost of hiring a Zapier Developer will drastically depend on two main factors: location and experience. However, on average, the U.S is the country where technical talent is most expensive. In other regions such as Europe and Asia, you can get equally talented Zapier Developers for a much lower cost.

    In the table below, you can see how the average salary of a Zapier Developer is more than $100,000K while in Europe and Asia, the annual salary lowers:

    Source Location Average Salary
    Talent.com United States $128,750
    TotalJobs.com Europe $83,890
    TotalJobs.com Asia $60,000


    Advantages of Hiring a Zapier Developer for Your Business

    Hiring a Zapier developer has great advantages to your business processes and brand in totality.

    Cut Down on Costs

    When you hire a Zapier developer you reduce the costs associated with hiring an in-house developer which in some cases skyrockets out the roof.

    Save Time

    Hiring a Zapier developer can save you time to focus on the more core practices and processes of your business as you hand over the creation, management, maintenance, and enhancement of your workflows, apps, and integrations to the developer.

    Enjoy Automations

    A Zapier developer will help you simplify and ease up your routine and mundane business processes by creating automated workflows so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

    Connect to the App Space

    With just one Zapier integration from your chosen developer your app or tool will be able to integrate with over 3000 of the internet’s leading apps.

    Daily Integrations

    New apps join the Zapier platform daily and because of this, your solutions gain new integration possibilities every day.


    When you hire a Zapier developer, your brand gains exposure to more than 3 million users who frequent the automation giant’s directory, content, and partner network.

    Zero Platform Costs for Free Plan

    Zapier offers a restricted free plan, which, if you opt for, would require you to only handle developer costs that you can get for half the price by hiring a remote Zapier developer.

    Hire a Zapier Developer

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