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Are you looking for Shopify experts to boost your E-commerce and increase your conversion rate? Hire a talented Shopify remote developer with DistantJob. Our team selects pre-vetted candidates in timezone-friendly areas to ensure competitive salaries and high performance for your business. All this 60% faster than the average industry!

    Why Hire Shopify Developers with DistantJob?

    1. We focus on helping companies hire remote developers: DistantJob handles your hiring challenges by matching your company with vetted senior-level Shopify developers
    2. We are pocket-friendly; we tap into local markets with lower salary inflation without affecting quality. Your new Shopify developer will get paid above their local average while you save money.
    3. You’ll be hiring fully committed remote employees with verified skills, working in your time zone

    How Our Process Works

    As a leading remote IT recruitment agency, we care that our clients take part throughout the hiring process. Why? Because for us, hiring a qualified candidate is not only about the skills and abilities, but it’s also about how candidates match with your company’s culture.

    1.Culture-first Recruiting:

    As soon as you talk with us or fill out our form, the first thing we do is analyze your company. We set up a call with you to understand your culture and the type of people you value working with.

    2.The headhunting process begins:

    We reach out to hundreds of candidates that we think might be a possible match for you. In 2 weeks, you’ll start reviewing people that match your requirements. We focus on providing you 3-5 top candidates instead of giving you an endless list.

    3.Contracts, payments, documentation, security - we take care of everything:

    Once you select the candidate, we handle all the contracts and payments from day 1. We also take the legal steps required to protect your IP.

    How to Hire Shopify Developer at Half of the Usual Cost?

    Hiring dedicated Shopify developers mean finding an expert in design, data storage, and online inventory to boost your E-commerce. At DistantJob, we recommend employing a remote Shopify Developer to optimize your company budget. A full-time remote Shopify programmer is the best strategy to ensure continuity to a running project; have internal support for freelancers and other team members; build a stable relationship with other departments; and work with someone who understands your customers’ needs.

    Targeting the recruitment process in specific geographic areas, you can scale your team with a talented Shopify app developer at a fraction of  US costs. However, remote recruitment has three primary challenges:

    • Developer shortage: Most stores moved their activities online. As a result, there is intense competition to attract the best Shopify developers with average salaries.
    • Testing skills: Hiring remotely is a challenge for most HR departments when testing technical skills in a virtual environment.
    • Company Culture: Finally, a big challenge for remote recruitment is identifying the right personality for your team and company culture building a long-term relationship with your developers.

    Overcoming these challenges requires your HR department and team members’ time and effort. On platforms like Upwork or Toptal, you can’t test candidates’ skills, and the interview process doesn’t allow a deep understanding of candidates. Our recruitment team can support you in finding:

    • High-skilled and pre-vetted Shopify devs living in timezone-friendly regions with experience in international projects.
    • Fluent-in-English programmers performing according to US quality and security standards.
    • Competitive contract based on labor laws and living costs without impacting your company’s budget.

    Remote recruitment is an effective strategy to optimize company costs by maintaining high-quality products over time. DistantJob team can help you hire the best remote Shopify developer, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process.

    What Is A Shopify Developer?

    Shopify Experts are professional developers specialized in the Web Development of Shopify Websites. Hiring experienced Shopify developers means recruiting an expert in the following areas:

    • Payment Gateways
    • Inventory Management (Payments and delivery functionalities)
    • Navigation
    • Checkout Operations

    In addition, Shopify Website Developers build Online Stores for the Shopify ECommerce platform. So, their expertise includes front-end development, design, and User Interface experience (UI).

    Skills to Look For To Hire The Best Shopify Developer

    Here are the top skills to look for a talented Shopify API developer worldwide:

    Shopify Store Features

    An experienced Shopify website developer is proficient with Shopify features and updates. More than adding new products, a Shopify developer must know how to manage price changes, automate out-of-stock products, among other things.

    Version Control Shopify Theme Development

    They take care of design and inventory. So, candidates need proficiency in software engineering and version control software tools like CVS, SVN, Git, PerForce, Bitbucket, Mercurial.

    Migrating E-commerce Store

    Migrating to an E-commerce store and moving an extensive data set from different platforms is necessary for an expert Shopify programmer.

    Integrating Multiple Ads

    Experts in Shopify need proficiency with Marketing tools and Ads insertion. For example,  Shopify store allows effectively integrating pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to improve your organic traffic.

    Communication Skills

    Among technical skills, the best Shopify developers have excellent communication skills. Working on design, data storage, and payments, they contact different team members and apartments. So, communication and interpersonal skills are crucial to ensure a smooth and productive workflow.

    Key Responsibilities of Shopify Programmers

    Depending on what you specifically need for your E-commerce, here are the core responsibilities of Shopify developers:

    • Develop an interactive and user-friendly Online Shopify Store for driving Sales and Revenue.
    • Generate custom Shopify Themes modifying pre-existing templates based on defined brand benchmarks.
    • Monitor ECommerce platform.
    • Team up with UX and UI Design Teams.
    • Optimize the store for sheer performance and functionalities with Marketing Tools, Platform APIs, and Shopify Apps.
    • Test and debug websites’ performance.
    • Provide Technical Support and Coordination.
    • Optimize website to increase conversion rates.

    Shopify Developer Annual Salary in The Best Tech Hubs WorldWide

    The cost to hire Shopify Developers depends on the geographical area, skill set, work arrangement, and year of experience. The average salary to hire a Senior Shopify Developer in the US is $150,000/year. Glassdoor indicates $169.836/year, Talent.com $145,000/year, and Ziprecruiter $186,000/year.

    If you recruit in different places outside the US, you can find talented and experienced candidates at affordable costs. In some countries, the living costs are lower. You can offer a convenient contract for a full-time remote position, ensuring a talented addition to your team and reducing your turnover rate. Here is an overview of the Annual salary for Shopify experts outside the US:

    • Latin America: $109,936/year (Comparably)
    • Eastern Europe: $97,000/ year (Comparably)
    • Asia: $110/year (Comparably)

    Advantages of Hiring a Shopify Developer for Your Business

    To put it simply, Shopify is a Cloud-Based E-Commerce Platform to set up an Online Store for all businesses sizes quickly. Despite the user-friendly interface, here are the reasons why you should think to hire expert Shopify developers:

    Security and Reliability

    Shopify guarantees secure website hosting with Secure Payment Gateways and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates to encrypt data.

    App Integrations

    It allows several integrations to enable users’ Sales, Marketing, and Workflow.

    Analytics and Reporting

    The Shopify App store includes multiple Marketing Tools such as Email Marketing, Analytics, and Reporting functionalities to optimize your Return of Investment (ROI).

    Design Templates

    It comes with various customizable themes and templates, including user-friendly features like Product Filters, Live Search, or Drop-Down Menus.

    24/7 Customer Support

    Shopify ensures 24/7 customer support via Phone, Email, or Webchat.

    Hire a Shopify Developer

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