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    1. We focus on helping companies hire remote developers: DistantJob handles your hiring challenges by matching your company with vetted senior-level Flutter Developers
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    Get Your Flutter Expert with in 3 Easy Steps

    As a leading remote IT recruitment agency, we care that our clients take part throughout the hiring process. Why? Because for us, hiring a qualified candidate is not only about the skills and abilities, but it’s also about how candidates match with your company’s culture.

    1.Culture-first Recruiting:

    As soon as you talk with us or fill our form, the first thing we do is analyze your company. We set up a call with you to understand your culture and the type of people you value working with.

    2.The headhunting process begins:

    We reach out to hundreds of candidates that we think might be a possible match for you. In 2 weeks, you’ll start reviewing people that match your requirements. We focus on providing you with 3-5 top candidates instead of giving you an endless list.

    3.Contracts, payments, documentation, security - we take care of everything:

    Once you select the candidate, we handle all the contracts and payments from day 1. We also take the legal steps required to protect your IP.

    What Could Be Simpler?

    Hire in Weeks, Not Months

    You’ll see 3-5 CVs of outstanding people within two weeks of our discovery call. 80% of our clients hire from that first batch.

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    The Go candidates you’ll interview will have been chosen to match your company’s culture and values. They’ll feel right at home, reducing your turnover.

    Candidates of Proven Quality

    The best people already have a job. We find senior Flutter developers only, working in established companies–and bring them to your team.

    ​​Committed Developers Only

    No freelancers, no consultants, no outsourcing. Only full-time.

    Hire career-driven developers ready to be part of your company.

    Turnkey Global Payments & HR

    Rest easy knowing your hires are well cared for. Our HR service handles global contract payments for you and provides social-emotional support to keep them performing at their best.

    Budget Conscious Hiring

    By hiring in countries with a lower cost of living, your budget will stretch farther, while your developers will be earning exactly how much they want.

    Flutter Hiring Guide

    Where Can You Hire A Cost Effective Flutter App Developer?

    Remote recruitment has become one of the best and easiest options to find the best developers, and offers great advantages such as greater availability and competitive salaries. But knowing how to hire a Dart programmer for generalist purposes vs. knowing how to hire a Flutter app developer will be the difference between finding someone that can (probably) do the job vs. someone who excels at it.


    “Where can I hire a Flutter developer?” Both Dart and Flutter are still relative newcomers in the tech space, so finding Flutter app programmers with experience can sometimes be a challenge. Although there are multiple job boards and job markets available to find your perfect match, keep in mind that a talented and skilled Flutter expert is probably not actively looking for jobs. Even if they are, odds are you’re competing with thousands of other companies.


    When it comes to the best sites to hire Flutter developers, here are some of the most popular options to have in mind: 


    1. DistantJob: DistantJob is a top remote recruitment agency, and can offer your company pre-vetted and rigorously assessed candidates ready to work for you. We can quickly select the top 5 remote experts who will fulfill your requirements and expectations, all while keeping in mind their company fit. If you want long-lasting developers that will enjoy working for you, then DistantJob is your best bet.
    2. Upwork: A freelance talent community where you can find people from a wide array of categories, including Flutter developers.
    3. Toptal: A freelance talent community more geared to tech and project management.
    4. DevTeam.Space: Powered by an AI Agile process, DevTeam.Space is a community that features experts in Flutter and many other top technologies.
    5. Hired: Hired empowers job seekers by giving them a platform to host their profile. From there, companies can search through these candidates and find the best matches for their needs.

    While you can Hire Flutter Developers through freelancing and outsourcing platforms, the problem is evaluating skills. And not only technical skills but also ensuring that candidates have the right level of English proficiency, are located in time zone-friendly regions, and will successfully adapt to your company’s culture.

    “How do I hire a Flutter app developer?” Here are some key steps you should consider when remote hiring:

    1. Create a good job description: Be mindful of the position you’re hiring for. Make a list of the main responsibilities and skill requirements, as well as a brief summary of the job. Be descriptive, yet concise: you’ll want your candidates to find out if the job is tailored to them in the first few seconds so they will be enticed to apply.
    2. Find your candidates: After landing a good description, time to post it in appropriate job boards. While you wait for applicants, you should also make a conscious effort of looking for people by yourself as well. Many great ReactJS experts aren’t actively looking for a job, but will consider it if the proposition is enticing for them.
    3. Assess and filter your options: Now that you have all your candidates, it’s time to conduct a thorough assessment and filter them until you have a handful of the best ones. These will be the ones you’ll get to interview and know more deeply before making the final decision.
    4. Conduct interviews: Time to test your candidates knowledge and skills! In this stage, you’ll usually want a combination of technical interviews to test their ReactJS knowledge, as well as some coding challenges to assess their soft skills. After finding the best qualified candidate, time to make them an offer!
    5. Onboard your new hires: Congratulations! You now have a new employee ready to tackle your projects alongside the rest of your development team. Make them feel welcome and create an enticing onboarding experience that will get them started on the right foot. Maintaining an employee happy is as important, if not more so, than hiring one, and you should make the transition as painless as possible. Integrate them with their team from day one and you’ll see immediate results!

    At DistantJob we ensure that candidates have all the requirements and skills you need. They don’t just fulfill and deliver their tasks but also understand your business’ global vision and the reason for every project. We help you save your time and resources by providing you with a list of vetted senior Flutter developers ready to begin working immediately.

    Senior Flutter Developer Overview: Skills and Responsibilities 

    Just like with every other technical role, the skills that you require of your candidate depend on the solutions that you intend to develop. That said, here are some of the most sought-after Flutter developer skills:

    • Familiarity with the Dart programming language for creating powerful applications.
    • Proficiency and experience using the Flutter framework.
    • Familiarity with flutter dev tools and design tools such as Flutter Inspector, Timeline, Flutter Studio, Figma, and Adobe XD.
    • Knowledge of version control tools like Git.
    • Experience in IOS and Android development.
    • Previous knowledge in native languages such as Swift for iOS applications and Java for Android applications.
    • In-depth understanding of Agile and Waterfall methodology for Software development.
    • Vast experience in developing client-facing applications.

    Senior Flutter Developer Responsibilities

    The requirements, responsibilities, and roles of a Flutter developer are different for each organization. It all depends on the reason that you hire a Flutter developer. Generally speaking, a Flutter developer is responsible for developing brand-optimized, scalable, and flexible solutions using the framework.

    Here are their primary responsibilities:

    • Build cross-platform applications for mobile, desktop, and the web from a single codebase.
    • Cooperate with other team members to design, build, test, and deploy software.
    • Convert software requirements into a working and stable solution.
    • Troubleshoot and test different aspects and segments of applications built with the Flutter framework.
    • Test and research new flutter app development techniques.
    • Flutter app database management
    • Identify and fix issues in applications developed with Flutter.

    How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Flutter Developer?

    The average US salary for a certified Flutter Developer is around $110.000/year depending on the specialization. In addition, pay rates vary according to the developer’s location, year of experience, and set of skills. Without impacting the last two factors, you can save the budget by hiring remotely outside the US. 

    How much does a Flutter developer cost per hour?Here are some values for Flutter developer salaries we’ve researched using values sourced from Talent.com and Glassdoor:

    Country Salary per year Salary per month Salary per hour
    USA $113,946.00 $9,496.00 $59.00
    Mexico $16,474.00 $1,373.00 $9.00
    Argentina $9,760.00 $813.00 $5.00
    Brazil $10,364.00 $864.00 $5.00
    Poland $23,772.00 $1,981.00 $12.00

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