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Best Remote Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent with Jamie Power

In this podcast episode, Jamie Powers shares his remote recruitment expertise. He reveals strategies companies can implement when it comes to hiring remote employees. He also takes us through his journey, helping people get jobs. Jamie highlights the crucial role recruiters have when it comes to filtering and rejecting candidates beyond a cold rejection email.

How to hire a web developer

How to Hire a Web Developer Online

Hiring a web developer nowadays is the key for business success. Not only because COVID-19 has made it impossible for many companies to work at their physical offices, but also because the digital revolution started

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Woman staring at her window in her home office

Are Remote Workers More Productive?

“My home is my castle” The phrase doesn’t refer to the opulence and grandeur often found in centuries-old castles. Instead, it infers that people tend to feel the most protected, safe, and relaxed when in

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