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Let us help you find your recruiting “happy place” by proving how valuable and cost effective building remote teams can be.

Imagine the tranquil, Zen feeling that accompanies an efficient, connected team made up of the world’s most talented developers.

Exhale, you’re well on your way.

We know you visited this page to figure out how much this remote placement process costs.

Or at least, determine if it’s more expensive than your typical alternatives.

The answer (plain and simple), is no.

In fact, we can help you save thousands over local headhunters and unpredictable freelance bidding sites. (And don’t even get us started on how many headaches we can save you by avoiding offshore outsourcing companies.)

Some people however, just need to see numbers on a page labeled “pricing.” We don’t want to disappoint them, so here are a few:

Save up to 60%

Save up to

Hire top talent at 1/3 of the cost

Hire top talent at

1/3 of the cost
Quick 3 step process


3 step process
Secure your new team member in 7-10 days

Secure your new team member in

7-10 days

Seriously though, the only way we can tell you how much it will cost to find your next top developer is to get in touch with us about exactly what you need. We’re confident you’ll like what you hear.

Start building your remote team

The answers you’re looking for to help you hire the best people at 1/3 of the cost.

1How does DistantJob save my company up to 60% in associated costs and fees?

There are numerous advantages of using DistantJob over local recruiting methods, however the biggest benefit by far is the amount of money companies save with global remote hires. International salaries, even for qualified, experienced staff tend to be significantly less than Western earnings. Plus, you don’t need to provide benefits or health insurance to remote, full-time hires which can save you thousands in compensation and hours of headaches. DistantJob recruitment fees are a fraction of the cost of local agencies because we have faster, more effective recruitment strategies at our fingertips.

2How do you qualify candidates?

DistantJob has a proven method of identifying and attracting highly qualified experts in the field. We have an extensive testing and vetting process in place that ensures all candidates are qualified and fit your job description provided before we introduce them to you. You only receive resumes from top talent that fit your specified needs.

3What type of commitment level is expected if DistantJob finds my next remote worker?

One of the biggest differentiating factors between DistantJob and other remote recruiters is that we prefer to only place full-time employees in your company, rather than freelance or project-to-project people. There is no obligation or contract of commitment if you choose to partner with us.

4What can I expect the remote hiring process to be like?

Send us your job description and our IT and Development Recruitment Experts get to work right away. We have an exclusive network of professionals with technical backgrounds that reach out and help select candidates. We test the skills of each potential hire before making an introduction. You have the opportunity to review resumes and set up phone or video interviews with each candidate to determine whether they are the right fit for your company.

5We need to build our team quickly. How long until I can start reviewing candidates?

DistantJob starts working for you immediately, and we typically have potential candidates lined up to be interviewed within 7-10 days.

6How do you find candidates so quickly?

The benefit of remote hiring is that we work from a global pool of candidates versus a limited local list of potential employees. This allows us to connect with exponentially more professionals in the field, build greater partnerships, and locate potential hires much faster than local recruitment agencies can.

7What does “no red tape” refer to?

International hires have a stigma of mounds of paperwork and visa requirements that can create an HR bottleneck for companies. This is not the case with DistantJob remote hires. We take care of those details. You are not required to provide work permits, special assistance, or ANY additional paperwork for your new hire.

8Will I have to provide hardware or supplies?

No. Each remote employee has their own workstation, connectivity, and access to necessary communication equipment. The only thing you’ll need to supply is access to collaborative online tools and programs that your team uses, or any proprietary systems that are relevant to the position. This is another cost-effective way companies can save money on overhead.

9How much does it cost?

Each new hire is different but one thing remains the same, the savings. DistantJob pricing varies per client employee, however we work with you to create a cost structure that fits your budget and results in a more affordable way to expand your team.

10How do I get started?

Simply fill out this form and send us your job description. One of our Technical Recruitment Specialists will setup a call to discuss your specific requirement and learn more about your company. If you prefer, you can call us at 888-886-7343 and we’d be happy to discuss how hiring a remote team member can benefit your development team.

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