Body Language and remote managers

Body Language: Does It Matter To A Remote Manager?

Do you know if you’re sending the right message? At DistantJob we’ve assembled the best need to know nonverbal cues so you can communicate with confidence.

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Nurturing Professional Development In A Remote Team

Remote teams need the same training and professional development as onsite teams. But remote teams report they feel left out of this benefit. They often need to seek growth on their own and without financial help from the company. Online training programs such as and Udemy offer sound solutions to this problem. Lack Of […]

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How to Hire a C# Developer in 2018

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to hire a C# developer. It is a very flexible and powerful language that can be used to program many different types of applications. C# is also the best language to write Microsoft .NET applications, as Microsoft developed it. This language was designed to be more […]

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Making Remote Team Members into Managers

Whenever bloggers or journalists write about the pros and cons of remote working, the lists are pretty similar. They’re all subjects that we’ve discussed in depth on this blog, whether it’s the increase in productivity, or having access to global talent on the plus side. Or coping with some of the concerns about distributed teams […]

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The Ultimate Guide of Remote Team Project Management Tools

At the crux of successful remote work is the technology that enables it. Sure, remote work takes away the option to look over an employees’ shoulder or have an enlightening watercooler conversation. But thanks to technology, remote teams can work as seamlessly as in-office teams. Tools exist for pretty much every foreseeable circumstance that can […]

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How To Fire Someone

So, it’s time to fire someone. It’s often the case that it’s nice being the boss, the team leader, the manager. There’s plenty of cool stuff it brings to the table, but there are a few responsibilities that aren’t so pleasant. In over ten years managing teams, remote and local, having to fire someone tops […]

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4 Ways To Prevent Isolation In Your Remote Team

As someone who’s been working from home for three years now, I can unequivocally say that it’s fantastic. Aside from the obvious benefits of no commute, no awkward elevator chat, and getting to hang out with my dog all day long, working remotely also allows me to schedule my day as I see fit— a […]

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What Did You Say? How to Break Down Language Barriers Among Global Teams

Leading other people is a tough job. In an era where many working teams are scattered all over the world, that role can get a lot tougher. Besides the barriers we all know about, such as how to communicate across different time zones, a more fundamental one gets overlooked: How on earth do you communicate […]

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Research vs Experience

Research vs Experience: How do studies on remote working compare to reality?

At DistantJob we’ve gained our expertise in remote working the hard way. We don’t just specialise in finding the best global talent for your software development, but we work remotely ourselves. When we talk about how to manage distributed teams it’s because we’ve been there, done that and got the the t-shirt. Naturally, we keep […]

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The 5 Essential Rules of Remote Communication That You’re Probably Not Following

If the thought of hiring someone to work outside the office makes you want to break the internet and never touch technology again, we’re willing to bet you’ve heard some horror stories regarding remote contractors and employees. If that’s not the case, then I’m guessing you’re running your company from an “If it ain’t broke, […]

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