Web Development Vs Software Development: The Difference You Should Know

Web vs software development

All of us are tech-savvy and are fairly knowledgeable about the new-age internet saga. Who builds all of the apps and all the amazing websites that we use every day? Software developers and web developers do that job. Now, your business probably requires a new website or an app and you’re stuck with this thought in your head: “Web Developer Vs Software Developer. Which one should I hire?” To have an answer to this question, you need to first understand each of these roles well. 

Web developers and software developers are NOT the same. They have certain tasks that are similar, but they’re different from each other. 

To understand the difference between a software developer and a web developer, first, we need to understand each of them separately. Let’s begin with understanding the definition, role, and skills of each of them.

All About Software Development

Software development is the process of creating software by using a specific programming language. For this, a software developer writes programming code to provide the functionality to the developed software.

Software is developed to meet business objectives. Software development is also known by the names: software design and application development.

Who is a Software Developer?

Simply put, a software developer builds software by writing code from scratch. That MOBA you play all day, the organizer and planner app you use that keeps you on track with your work and life, the social media apps you use to interact in the virtual world are all created by software developers!

Software developers build various applications including desktop applications such as Photoshop, mobile applications such as Instagram and web applications like Twitter or Facebook. Talented software developers are found globally so it is a great idea to not restrict your search To just one region. Hiring remotely gives you the liberty to widen your search in order to find the best software developer for your business.

Software Developer Job Responsibilities

What does a software developer do?

  • Oversees the creation of software programs via coding. 
  • Analyzes the needs of the consumer/user to create, test, and develop software that either solves a problem, provides entertainment or simplifies work or life.
  • Maps out the software for future upgradation and enhancement.
  • Tests the software for bugs. 
  • Collaborates with other IT experts and specialists to ensure the quality and functionality of the software.

Software Developer Skills

What skills should you look for when hiring a software developer?

The role of a software developer is a complex one that requires precise technical know-how. Here are some of the top technical skills to look for when hiring a software developer.

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C++
  • Git
  • Oracle
  • Linux

Besides these technical skills, it is also important for a software developer to have transferable skills such as problem-solving abilities, teamwork and good planning and analytical skills.

All About Web Development

Web development is the process of developing websites. The process of web development includes web design, client-side/server-side scripting, content development and network security setup.

Web development entails everything that is required to keep a website functioning properly. The process involves running and overseeing operations to build and manage a website.

Who is a Web Developer?

Broadly put, a web developer develops, designs, and maintains websites. The web is full of different websites that help you learn and interact every day, and all of those have a web developer or a web development team behind them!

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There are three main types of developers; front-end web developers, back-end web developers and full-stack developers. As the names suggest, front-end web developers work more with the user interface while back-end web developers are responsible for taking care of databases and architectural solutions. Full stack developers are experienced with both front-end and back-end related tasks. 

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Web Developer Job Responsibilities

What does a web developer do?

  • Builds websites by writing code.
  • Oversees the technical and creative aspects of a website. 
  • A front-end web developer oversees and takes care of the aspects related to the UI.
  • A back-end web developer takes care of the database management and provides architectural solutions.
  • Oversees the framework, API integration, server-side functions and business logic of a website.
  • Performs routine site maintenance from time to time.

Web Developer Skills

What skills should you look for when hiring a web developer?

Web development is best done by those who are willing to learn and acquire special skills. Technology keeps updating itself every now and then. That’s why, It is important for a web developer to have the flexibility to keep evolving along with the evolution of technology.

Here are some of the technical skills you should look for when hiring a web developer.

  • JavaScript
  • Data Analysis
  • SEO

Besides the technical skills, here are some other important skills to look for in a web developer.

  • Attention to detail because websites need to provide a seamless experience to its users.
  • Front-end developers need to be familiar with applications such as Adobe Creative Suite as they work closely with web designers to take care of the UI. 
  • Quick adaptability to new coding technologies, languages and frameworks.

Besides just technical skills, communications skills are also essential for web developers. When web developers work in a team, they need to be able to put forward their ideas in a simple yet understandable manner.

Difference Between a Software Developer and Web Developer

Now that we have outlined what each of these does and the necessary skills required for each, in order to truly understand who you should hire for your business, it is important to lay out the differences here.

  • Software developers build applications for the web, mobile phone and desktop whereas web developers are IT professionals who build websites via writing code.
  • Software developers create various programs for stand-alone platforms on desktop and mobile whereas web developers are responsible for taking care of the framework, API integration, server-side functions, and business logic of a website.
  • Software developers use languages such as Java,  C++ and Python to build apps. On the other hand, web developers use languages such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS to build websites.
  • Software doesn’t always require hosting but websites need to be hosted.
  • Software developer apps are usually compatible across different platforms whereas web developer apps or sites are compatible across different browsers.

It’s up to you to decide what you need for your project

Whether you should hire a web developer or a software developer for your business depends on what you’re looking to create. If your current project is about creating a website, then you need to look for a web developer while if your current project is about a mobile or desktop application, then a software developer is the best choice.

Since development teams work well remotely, it is best to go with a remote developer so that you can consider the best of global tech talent for the role. Hiring a remote recruitment agency that specializes in tech recruitments is the perfect answer to your tech recruitment woes. Get in touch with us to know more.

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