9 More Ways Your Company Can Save Money Hiring Remote Workers

Let’s take a look at some wonderful savings waiting for you, should you decide to embrace remote work for your business.

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Testimonial – How CEATI International’s Expectations Were Blown Away

The Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation (CEATI) is a user-driven organisation that brings its electrical utility participants together to collaborate. Their goal: to advance the industry through the sharing and developing of practical and applicable knowledge. Its participants are spread across 20 countries on 6 continents. In addition to facilitating information exchange through […]

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surgent professional education

Testimonial – From Remote Developer at Surgent to Managing An Entire Remote Team

Surgent Professional Education is the largest independent provider of continuing education for CPAs and other financial professionals in the U.S. Surgent aims to serve as the most reliable and trustworthy source of the practical and timely information that tax and financial professionals need to excel professionally. Deciding to bring the development team in-house, and already […]

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Hitting the mother-lode – how remote work helps employers keep valuable employees

How Remote Work Helps Working Mothers Reclaim Their Jobs

It’s no picnic being a working parent, and even less so if you’re a working mother. The ability to work from home helps working mothers get their careers back. Read more to find out how and why remote work is key to getting mothers back in the workforce.

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How NextGen Gaming Evaluates and Motivates Their Mixed Local & Remote Team

NextGen Gaming Studios is an up-and-coming video game developer that has been making waves with their episodic action/horror game, Something In The Dark. Recently greenlit on the Steam market, the game is a product of a team where some people work locally, but most work from home. We’ve chatted with NextGen owner and lead programmer […]

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Animus Interactive’s Solution To Agile VS Waterfall In Remote Work

If there’s a market where remote work needs proving, it’s in the competitive video game development industry. The folks at video game developer Animus Interactive took up the gauntlet. They built themselves up as a complete remote virtual team. And they were kind enough to talk to us and take us through their full process. […]

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Hidden Gems – How using remote workers benefits employers

If you’ve read about the benefits of telecommuting, you’ll know that there are many of them – but most articles on that subject focus on the employee benefits. There’s no doubting that remote workers, even if they’re only working from home part time, have a better work/life balance and that leads to increased productivity. But […]

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Sharon Koifman on Recruiting and Leading: the Pivotal Leader Podcast

You know our CEO. What does he do when he’s not busy making sure our clients get the best remote developers in the world? When he’s not checking in, making sure every new remote employee is being smoothly integrated into your company culture? Why, he’s teaching everyone else how to do it, of course! Sharon […]

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3 Measures Groove Took To Avoid Burnout in Their Remote Team

Groove’s a unique proposal in the help desk software space. The market is full of expensive solutions crafted for  huge companies.  Groove founder and CEO Alex Turnbull decided to take a different path. He decided that his company would be about serving small companies. Companies that had no use for enterprise-level software but had outgrown […]

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Buffer’s Unique Approach to Feedback and Coaching Remote Employees

Buffer is one of the remote companies that get more job applications per month, and with good reason. The company is fully transparent with the way it operates. It freely shares the way in which it manages its remote employees. And it’s clearly an heavenly place to work at. In fact, we could write a […]

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