Nurturing Professional Development In A Remote Team

Remote teams need the same training and professional development as onsite teams. But remote teams report they feel left out of this benefit. They often need to seek growth on their own and without financial help from the company. Online training programs such as and Udemy offer sound solutions to this problem. Lack Of […]

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Managing a Remote Team: How to Build Rapport Through Laptop Screens

What can you do to stay in sync with your remote workers and build a robust relationship with the team?
Here are some proven ideas from successful remote teams like Hubstaff, Zapier, Buffer, and Atlassian.

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Remote Team Communication

Tips for Remote Team Communication

Communication is important. Even those weird, oddly unproductive employees who share the same geographical location (can you believe people still do that when the benefits of remote working are so obvious?) need to talk to each other. Of course, when you’re talking about a remote team, it becomes even more critical; team communication has been […]

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managing your remote team poorly

5 Signs You’re Managing Your Remote Team Poorly (And What To Do About It)

Nothing can be worse for a company than a bad manager. If the supervisor doesn’t properly manage his or her employees, the problems that can arise are almost uncountable. However, the opposite is true as well. With an effective leader and good personality traits in your employees, the sky's the limit. While you might be […]

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Why Face-to-Face Video Is Still the Best Way To Communicate

You’ve heard the statistics about why remote developers are the smartest decision for you to build and grow your business. You can find talent without worrying about physical distance, increase happiness and productivity, and more. But, that doesn’t mean that you should simply hire someone online and spend their full employment talking twice a month […]

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Pair Programming: Why You Should Care About It and How To Do It Remotely

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average computer programmer makes $79,840 a year. For companies large and small, helping programmers be as productive as possible is a major goal that is vital to the financial well-being of a company. To that end, many different methods, styles and workflows have been adopted, including pair […]

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Psych! Making the people in your virtual teams feel like they belong

As I discussed in a previous article, a strong team identity is a huge part of helping to bring your virtual team together. When people feel like they belong, they’re happier. But how do you create that sense of kinship across distance? In this post, I’ll delve into that idea in a bit more detail. […]

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3 Communication Tips For Onboarding Your New Remote Developer

You’ve read up on the science that explains why remote developers are the right move for your company. You’ve dismissed concerns about remote work as the dying gasp of industry dinosaurs. You’ve done your homework and contacted an expert remote placement agency. You got the best people in the world. Now you’re at day one. […]

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Are Remote Workers Still the Future? (Spoiler: Yes, they are.)

In a piece for Bloomberg entitled “The Rise and Fall of Working From Home,” Rebecca Greenfield makes the case that the days of the remote workforce are numbered. Ms. Greenfield cites the example of Richard Laermer, owner of a New York-based public relations firms, who decided to let employees work remotely. After ten months of […]

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How To Bring A Remote Team Together

​ Managing remote teams is a challenge that team leaders are increasingly facing. With telecommuting on the rise, teams are often spread across sites, states or even continents. If you’re reading this, you’re likely aware of the advantages of remote teams, but perhaps you’ve also heard about some of the challenges? Remote jobs help employees […]

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