Affiliate Summit East 2018

Everything You Need To Know When Attending Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit East is happening in the Big Apple this July, and all our favorite people (and companies!) will be there. Are you going to join us and thousands of others in one of the best conferences of the season? Whether you’re an Affiliate Summit veteran, or it’s your first time at the show, what you have before you are our best tips and insights on how to make the most out of your ASE18 experience.

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Research vs Experience

Research vs Experience: How do studies on remote working compare to reality?

At DistantJob we’ve gained our expertise in remote working the hard way. We don’t just specialise in finding the best global talent for your software development, but we work remotely ourselves. When we talk about how to manage distributed teams it’s because we’ve been there, done that and got the the t-shirt. Naturally, we keep […]

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The Best Communication Software for Remote Teams in 2018

In today’s teams of remote employees and local workers, communicating over email isn’t enough. We’ve shown you the best video conferencing, cloud sharing, screen sharing, and online whiteboard software, but what about tools for simple collaboration? While communication software won’t entirely replace email, they’ll add another dimension that makes collaboration more simple and effective. Useful […]

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Best Screen Sharing Software

The Best Screen Sharing Software For Virtual Teams

When you’re working with remote workers, sometimes verbal communication isn’t enough. Instead, you need to see exactly what’s on their screen or vice versa. For times like these, we’ve researched and found the best remote desktop software for you and your digital nomads.   ScreenLeap ScreenLeap prides itself on its simplicity. As soon as you […]

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Best Video Conference Software

The Best Video Conferencing Software For Virtual Teams

One of the most important aspects of managing remote workers well is regular video chats. As we’ve explained, video conferencing software can help your virtual team feel more connected, better understood, and more involved in the company. It also contributes to disentangle any text-based miscommunication or misunderstanding. In fact, 89% of remote employees explain that […]

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The Best Online Whiteboards

We’ve Tested The Best Online Whiteboards For Virtual Teams – The Results Are In!

Collaborating with your remote workers has become easier than ever. With the ever-growing number of telecommuters, today’s new software and collaboration tools make online collaboration even easier than in-person communication sometimes. One of these real-time collaboration features is an online whiteboard. As we’ve seen throughout the ages, chalkboards, and whiteboards during presentations and agile meetings […]

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Are Remote Workers Still the Future? (Spoiler: Yes, they are.)

In a piece for Bloomberg entitled “The Rise and Fall of Working From Home,” Rebecca Greenfield makes the case that the days of the remote workforce are numbered. Ms. Greenfield cites the example of Richard Laermer, owner of a New York-based public relations firms, who decided to let employees work remotely. After ten months of […]

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Sharon Koifman’s Superpower Is… Hiring Employees That Work Remotely!

After a 7-year long pilgrimage to Tibet, where he spent time meditating with the most enlightened yogis of remote hiring and management, DistantJob founder and CEO Sharon Koifman decided that it was time to return to civilization. Now was the time to share the knowledge that he had worked so hard to obtain over the […]

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Zoom-ing into the Future of Online Collaboration

We finally managed to put pen to paper about our favorite collaboration tool for distributed teams: Zoom video conferencing.Of course, all the following conclusions were reached via several Zoom meetings.  Thanks to technological innovations, we have managed to reinvent a lot of things in the 21st century. Perhaps one of the most important transformations has […]

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IBM Telling Remote Workers to Move or Leave Exposes Management Flaws

Remember IBM? The once-great computer giant that has consistently failed to catch on to new trends over the last three decades ( remember when they passed on owning Windows and choose to license it because they thought “it wouldn’t be a big deal”)?  Well, they are doing changes to the way they work – more […]

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