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75 WordPress Developer Interview Questions (With Answers) 

Due to its flexibility and user-friendliness, WordPress is the most popular CMS globally, powering 43.3% of all websites. This popularity makes WordPress developers as demanded as ever, […]

Why Cultural Fit is Just as Important as Skills in Remote Hiring

Who you hire to fill a remote role will affect every aspect of your business.  When a new remote team member joins the mix, your […]

Technical Screening: How to Get It Right from The Start?

Are you finding the prospect of technical screening daunting and aren’t sure where to start? With IT roles taking an average of 44 days to […]

Coder vs Programmer: What’s the Difference? 

When you’re in the hiring process for a tech role, semantics can have a huge impact on who applies to the job. Adding the word […]

What Skills Does a Database Developer Need to Excel in Modern IT Environments?

As the world becomes increasingly data-centric, the importance of database developers continues to rise. This surge is reflected in the projected 21% growth in their […]

Database Architect vs. Database Administrator: What’s The Difference?

The importance of data security and organization for companies, whether remote or not, has increased the relevance of both database architects and database administrators. But […]

Effective Guide to Developer Skill and Portfolio Assessment

As a professional in the tech industry, navigating the complexities of developer assessment is a critical aspect of your role. Whether you’re a team leader, […]

iOS Interview Questions: What Recruiters Usually Asks

If you are starting the hiring process, either as a candidate or an interviewer, here is a list of 10 comprehensive and essential IOS interview […]

What Metrics Should You Track for Reviewing Your Developer’s Performance

Assessing developer productivity in the remote work era is challenging. According to a Future of Work Report, 64% of developers are more productive when working remotely, […]

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