How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Android App Developer?

Rates for Android app developers will vary depending on where the developer lives.

An Android isn't just a human-like robot, it's an operating system that's integral to your business development. The profusion of mobile devices means that your business needs to be mobile-friendly and mobile-savvy. If you're thinking of creating an app for a mobile device, you need to look into the cost of hiring an Android app developer.


Why is Android Important?

An Android is not a phone or a tablet, it's an operating system. As Microsoft maintains the Windows operating system, Google maintains the Android system. According to a report by IDC, Android has risen quickly to cover more than 80 percent of the operating systems in smartphones around the world. If Android is quickly becoming the native language of most mobile devices, it's essential that your company develop apps that mesh with this operating system.


Hire an Android app developer

Android apps are especially important in emerging markets such as South America.


Android Apps and iOS Apps

According to Crew, while iOS users tend to be wealthier and more dedicated to their operating system, Android is an operating system that's getting more and more popular in emerging markets such as South America and the rapidly-growing Asian market. If you already have an iOS app or you're looking to expand into novel markets, it's particularly important to secure an Android app developer.


The Cost of Hiring an Android App Developer

The cost of hiring an app developer depends on the hours involved in app development and the rate that developer charges. Upwork says that the average rate for an independent developer in Sydney, Australia is $140 per hour. Part of the developer's rate depends on that individual's experience, and for business app development you need to ensure that your developer has good references and experience developing apps for your specific industry. To streamline your costs, you can work to determine exactly what you need and try to focus your project's scope as much as possible. However, there are advantages to having the app developer in on the idea-generation process as well. For an Android app, you'll also need increased testing after the app has been developed, since you have to test the app within many different devices and versions of the operating system.


Remote Workers Can Help Ease the Cost

If developing an Android app sounds like a large and daunting project, it may be, but your can also reduce the cost of hiring an app developer and make your project less financially onerous. In our digital world, you don't need to be limited to developers in your city. It's relatively simple to communicate with people in other parts of the world, bringing them in as a remote team to develop your app. In part, the cost of hiring an app developer depends on that individual's living expenses and experience. If you recruit a remote worker who lives in an area of the world with lower cost of living indexes, they will often have rates that are a third of what you'd expect to spend in a large American city.

When you're developing your business products, you need to hire app developers with experience, but you don't need to break your budget. DistantJob can help you create connections with a global and experienced remote workforce. Contact us today.

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