Cyberbullying Can Destroy Your Remote Team

Cyberbullying: How It Can Destroy Your Remote Team

So if it can happen so readily in an in-office environment, does that mean remote workers could be at risk? While the risk might be smaller, the answer is yes. Bullying can take many forms. Especially when dealing with cyberbullying. It’s important to understand cyberbullying. And how it might affect your remote team.

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What Full-Time Remote Workers Actually Bring To the Table

In today’s hit-and-miss business world, full-time workers may appear to be obsolete. Many businesses prefer working with freelancers when hiring remotely thinking of them as less of a burden to the company. But the old-school concept of a full-time employee still has something to give amidst the gig economy. Here’s what.

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All You Need To Know About Hiring Remote Workers

If you’re new to remote hiring, we want to give you some helpful tips and tricks to make the process as simple and stress free as possible.

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Top 10 Remote Workers from Film and TV

The Best in the Biz: The Top 10 Best Remote Workers in Film and Tv

Like the bread I just stuck in my oven, the employment of remote workers is on the rise. According to The New York Times, out of 15,000 adults polled, 43% spent time working remotely throughout that year. With technology consistently getting better and faster, more people are finding that they have access to jobs that, […]

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Making Remote Team Members into Managers

Whenever bloggers or journalists write about the pros and cons of remote working, the lists are pretty similar. They’re all subjects that we’ve discussed in depth on this blog, whether it’s the increase in productivity, or having access to global talent on the plus side. Or coping with some of the concerns about distributed teams […]

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Adding New Teams Into Your Remote Process

So, you’ve come to your senses and decided to hire a developer or two to work on your next project remotely. Congratulations! You’ve just made a decision that puts you on a pathway to software development nirvana. We firmly believe that remote developers are the future. You’ll soon be seeing the benefits of hiring a […]

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Is Your Team’s Productivity Suffering Through Cold Season? Hire a Remote Developer!

It is every manager’s worst nightmare. With a big project deadline looming, one of your best developers starts sneezing. They struggle on, coming into the office doped up on cold remedies. The air is full of the heady scent of menthol. However, they just aren’t working to their usual standard. Then you get the inevitable […]

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What Did You Say? How to Break Down Language Barriers Among Global Teams

Leading other people is a tough job. In an era where many working teams are scattered all over the world, that role can get a lot tougher. Besides the barriers we all know about, such as how to communicate across different time zones, a more fundamental one gets overlooked: How on earth do you communicate […]

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A Freelance Developer Won’t Give you the results you need – here’s what you can do about it

If you don’t have the personnel on-site for a project, you need to find them from somewhere. There are plenty of websites out there promising to connect you with the best freelance talent around the world. Certainly, you can find a freelancer developer who will do a fantastic job; but finding the right person can […]

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How Remote Work Is Helping To Close The Gender Pay Gap

he gender pay gap is closing quickly for remote workers. Read more about how the ability to work remotely and to work from home is helping women even the odds. Do you care about ending the gender pay gap? Remote work may be a solution.

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