Mobile Developer – What Skills are Needed?

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Remember when Pokemon Go was a thing, and some people were crazy outside in parks and public spaces trying to catch them? There are crazy stories of people even kayaking in the ocean to get a Pokemon. The same happened with other popular apps that, at some point, made us all addicted. So, it’s safe to say that mobiles and apps are taking over the world. There are approximately 2.7 billion smartphone users around the globe, making the mobile application market one of the fastest growing in history!

The total number of mobile app developers has risen to more than 8.7 million Many companies want these genius techies to create apps for their business and increase their popularity and revenue. Yet, you might be asking: 

Can having an app really help my business?

The whole point of having a business is to have clients. But not any kind of clients, what businesses are aiming for is to have loyal clients. Building loyalty and providing more value (besides the value generated by the use of your product) to your customers is the primary benefit of having an app.

A great example of this is Nike. The giant sports brand has several apps that allow you to buy products but also do workouts and train with video tutorials. This makes clients engage even more with the brand, creating a better relationship, and making the brand stronger.

Besides those significant benefits, creating an app for your business also means that you are aware that more and more people are replacing computers with smartphones. But creating an app is not simple; you need to have knowledge and skills.

If you want someone to do this hard work for you, a mobile app developer is what you need. But how to know if he/she will do a great job? Look for these skills:

A+ on Multiple Programming Languages

There isn’t an official bible for developers but if there was one of its first commandments would be:

Thou Shall Master Programming Languages (Let’s imagine at those times programming languages was in the dictionary) 

Programming languages constantly evolve so even if developers are experts on the matter they have to be up to date with the evolutions of those. They need to be at the top of their game. 

Some of the most common and necessary programming languages for Android and IOS are:

Android and IOS comparison table

Cross-platforms & App Development 

Cross-platform development is the ability to build apps that can run on different devices. There are two major mobile platforms: Android and iOS. A skilled mobile app developer can code to create apps and services that are able to operate in more than one platform.

Hiring a developer with this skill saves your company a lot of money and time. Imagine creating an app only for iPhone users. Then, you realize that many potential customers in your target market use android mobile phones, so you need to hire another developer to create an app for Android users. That’s a lot of money. 

When you hire a mobile developer with cross-platform skills, there is no need to waste time interviewing, hiring, and spending more money on hiring another developer.

Being Agile

If you hire a mobile app developer who embraces the Agile Methodology, your company will likely have an awesome application. If you are not familiarized with this kind of methodology, we encourage you to read our eBook.

Even though the Waterfall Methodology is useful and has plenty of benefits, Agile is one of the most effective management approaches that has boosted the productivity of IT Teams during the last 20 years. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • Projects created with the Agile Methodology are adaptable after their release. They do not follow a strictly sequential process in which you have to plan everything upfront and then start working. You can transform, change, and adapt your initial project, even after its release.
  • Agile Methodology is an effective method for establishing opening communication channels between you and the mobile app developer to achieve the desired result. 
  • The Agile Methodology focuses on the client throughout the whole development process. If you hire a developer who implements the Agile Methodology, you (the client) are the highest priority. Plus, they will deliver results as fast as possible. 
  • Agile practitioners are characterized by strengthening soft skills such as efficient communication, teamwork, self-management, adaptability, and self-motivation.

Check out the 12 principles behind the Agile Manifesto.  

Knowledge on Cybersecurity

Security logo on screen

If you want to build an awesome application, you need to think of security. Your clients will probably be entering sensitive information on the platform. If you have a bad security system, this information could be exposed and leave your company with a PR nightmare on their hands. 

Imagine waking up, checking your phone, and many of your friends start telling you they received many weird messages from you. You did not send them, so clearly, something is wrong. You realize someone hacked your account from the app you use daily. You start remembering all the information you trusted to the app: Your email address, your location, personal details, and even your bank account! All of these in the hands of someone else.  This has only one outcome…PANIC

This was the situation of 162 million people who were hacked from the Dubsmash application. In February of 2019, the big video messaging app was a victim of a massive data breach. 

Accidents like this make cybersecurity a priority. Every mobile app developer should know about cryptography and, overall, should have the ability to write secure code in a way that is user-friendly also. You don’t work for the CIA (or you do?), so don’t go head over heels with security because this will affect performance also. You do need to be sure that your client and their information is in a safe place. 

This must be one of the top priorities to look at when interviewing a possible candidate to develop your business app. 


Both UX and UI focus mainly on the users and their experience. The main reason is that, with loyal and engaged users, it is possible to create a strong and well-known brand, which leads to an increase in revenue.  


  • User Experience 
  • UX is all about making the app as simple as possible. 
  • Make the app cohesive and user-friendly for customers to explore (and to return). 
  • Main goal: customer satisfaction. 
  • Needs information to be structured.
  • The application needs to be designed with the latest trends.
  • Creates solutions for the client’s and user’s needs.


  • User Interface 
  • The primary responsibility is to create a functional interaction between the user and the application.
  • Is concerned for the aesthetics of the app: Color schemes, design, visual elements, screen size. (They relate emotionally with the user) 
  • Fast loading (A time-consuming app makes users leave and never return)
  • The app is easy to understand and to use. 
  • Overall, how good the app looks and works.

Where to Find the Right Mobile Web Developer?

One thing is finding a mobile developer (there are millions of them – It’s like searching for a meteorite with binoculars), and another thing is finding the right mobile developer. At DistantJob, we don’t only take into account hard skills. We search for remote developers who are experts on UI/UX design, cross-platform, multiple programming languages, cybersecurity -among other qualities. But also, we look for developers who have soft skills traits that will make them the right fit for your company; we have the telescope you need.

The Best IT Talent Working for You

DistantJob can help you find the mobile app developer you have been looking for. We have 10 years of experience headhunting the best tech talent all over the world – in only two weeks.

Get in touch with us now to know more details. 

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Gabriela Molina

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