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How does one find developers at Affordable Rates?

Sharon Koifman
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Most businesses find it tough to find the right developers, especially without thousands of dollars taking flight from their pocket. Fret not. There are ways to hire developers at affordable rates. In this article, I’ll share some important points to bear in mind when you’re beginning your search for the right developer, whether you are looking for an app developer, web developer, etc.

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The Right Search for the Right Developer

Finding the right developer or team of developers is necessary to ensure smooth online operations. You don’t want your website or app to keep crashing. You also don’t want the navigation to be tough. Have you ever been extremely excited to purchase something from an e-store but ended up with a blank checkout page that simply refuses to load? If you wouldn’t want to experience it, why put someone else through the same agony?

The UX and UI of any app or website play a huge role in not only attracting new customers but also in retaining the existing ones. A developer truly can make or break your business. Let us help you with some effective ways to find affordable developers who will help your business grow.

You’ll need to plan the process of recruiting the right developer. Below are some questions that can help you with the preparation.

1. What Type of Developer do you Need?

There are so many types of developers. Some are experts on developing apps while others have the skillset to create an e-store. There are many types of websites and apps and the developer you hire will depend on what it is that you need. 

If you put out a job posting that says “In need of a website developer”, you’re not garnering anyone’s interest. It is very much like putting out a generic advertisement to a broad audience. Without describing the specifications of your product/service and defining your niche audience, your campaigns will amount to nothing. It is the same with finding the right developer for your tech team. If you want to hire developers at affordable rates, you need to do your homework.

Being as specific as you can be in your job posting helps you attract the right talent. Are you looking for a Java developer or someone who can build the app you want? Know your own requirements well and be as descriptive as possible in your job posting.

2. Can you Hire Remote Developers?

Once you have a good grip on what your project requirements are, you’ll be able to assess if it’s possible to hire a remote developer. Most companies go for remote staffing to cut down on extra expenses and include more diversity. It is a scalable model of working in modern times.

Since we are talking about ways to find affordable developers, it is apt to explore this model.  Most developers work well in a remote setting.

Some of the benefits of hiring remote teams are as follows:

  • A spike in individual and team productivity.
  • Better employee engagement.
  • Reduction in operational cost.
  • Younger employees prefer this model as it helps them with better work-life balance.
  • Diversity of cultures and backgrounds creates a more inclusive environment which leads to building a community rather than just running an organization.  

If you don’t know this already, some of the top thriving businesses are staffed entirely with remote teams. Automatic (created WordPress, Tumblr and many more amazing web platforms) boasts of a fully remote work culture with people coming together from all over the world on the virtual platform to deliver the best while they live their best too.

Buffer, Basecamp, and GitHub are just some more of the many businesses that know and reap the benefits of a remote work setup.

If you do plan to explore the empowering and enriching experience of letting go of old ways to welcome the new, hiring a remote team is a great idea. It is a practical and a tactical decision. At  DistantJob, we go above and beyond to ease the process for you. We will help you hire remote developers at affordable rates

Once the process of remote staffing is complete, you are in control. You can drive your freshly hired and talented developers to complete the project as desired.

Selecting the Right Developer

Once you have received a lot of CVs, you might feel that you’re spoilt for choice. You’ll find that’s not the case once you go through each one thoroughly. Here’s what to comb through to understand if the developer in question is the right fit for you.

1. Check the CV and the Portfolio

Resumes tend to be more attractive than the actual work on display. It is important to see if the portfolio lives up to what is on the resume. To hire developers at affordable rates, it is best to match your needs with the skillset described on the CV and the work on the portfolio. A portfolio should showcase the translation of skills to actual work and what the result was. 

Let’s say, you’re looking for an App developer and you find the perfect one for your business. You’re impressed with everything that you see on the CV. Check the portfolio for links to the apps developed. Consider it a red flag if there’s no representation of what’s on the CV. All of us can write a hell lot of amazing words on a document but not all of us can show a hell of a lot of amazing work in real life. Unless you’re hiring a salesperson or a content marketer, don’t be too impressed by words alone.

2. Put the Developer’s Skills to Test

A lot of modern tools are available to help you assess a developer’s talent. Proficiency tests should be a mandatory part of your hiring process. You can conduct small coding tests to assess how well and how fast the developer can solve a problem for you with the tools provided to him/her.

The best way to hire developers at a decent cost is to create a process that helps you filter the right fit for your company. From the search to the final hiring decision, there needs to be a series of steps that ensure successful screening and onboarding. This is why it is best to outsource the hiring process to an agency that has years of experience in doing the same. You will save time and money while ensuring that you have the best talent on board for your projects.

When it comes to remote staffing, DistantJob takes care of everything so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time and energy hiring developers at affordable rates. Your business deserves attention in all areas in order to become scalable. 

The hiring process is one of the most critical aspects that can make or break your growth. It is not just about filling up empty spaces but about adding value where it is due. 

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