Hire PHP Developer 2018

How To Hire a PHP Developer in 2018

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a PHP developer, including the fact that its friendly with HTML, has plenty of interactive features, and many talented developers use this language. But how to separate the good from the great? That’s what this article is about.

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How To Hire a ReactJS Developer

How To Hire a ReactJS Developer in 2018

Before you hire your ReactJS developer, you need to know that they genuinely understand the library. Here are the top ReactJS interview questions of 2018.

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How To Hire An AngularJS Developer in 2018

Are you looking to hire an AngularJS developer? Finding a true expert can make the difference between having software that goes beyond what is referred to as ‘spaghetti code’ to instead be maintainable and free from bugs. First, we’ll talk a bit about why you want to hire an AngularJS developer or AngularJS freelancer. Then, […]

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How to Hire a Magento Developer in 2018

If you want to hire a Magento developer to help with your e-commerce website, you’re not alone. Big brands like Samsung, Nike, Vizio, Nestle Nespresso, as well as many other smaller companies from all over the world, utilize Magento for their e-commerce sites. It’s easy to see why you should look for a Magento developer […]

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Struggling to hire a developer? Here’s our three step guide to remote hiring

Remote workers are the fastest growing work category in the US according to data from Global Workplace Analytics. That doesn’t include the self-employed, by the way. Most remote employees work for companies with over 100 staff. We’re not surprised remote hiring is on the up. We’ve been telling people for years that their back yard […]

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How to Hire a C# Developer in 2018

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to hire a C# developer. It is a very flexible and powerful language that can be used to program many different types of applications. C# is also the best language to write Microsoft .NET applications, as Microsoft developed it. This language was designed to be more […]

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The Ultimate Guide of Remote Team Project Management Tools

At the crux of successful remote work is the technology that enables it. Sure, remote work takes away the option to look over an employees’ shoulder or have an enlightening watercooler conversation. But thanks to technology, remote teams can work as seamlessly as in-office teams. Tools exist for pretty much every foreseeable circumstance that can […]

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How to hire an Objective-C Developer

How to hire an Objective-C Developer in 2018

If you want to hire an Objective-C developer, you probably want to build apps for iOS or OS X. Objective-C is an object oriented programming language that adds more versatile and flexible messaging to C. This language is predominantly used by Apple for their operating systems. Although Apple recently created Swift, many people still look […]

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How To Fire Someone

So, it’s time to fire someone. It’s often the case that it’s nice being the boss, the team leader, the manager. There’s plenty of cool stuff it brings to the table, but there are a few responsibilities that aren’t so pleasant. In over ten years managing teams, remote and local, having to fire someone tops […]

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How to hire a Redux Developer in 2018

If you want to hire a Redux developer, it can’t just be anyone. Redux isn’t a traditional library or framework, but instead is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. Essentially, Redux works to help developers write applications that behave consistently. Additionally, if you hire a Redux developer, they can more easily build applications that […]

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