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How to hire better people, faster

Sharon Koifman
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From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses with a handful of employees, all have a common hiring problem:

There are a million more software developer jobs in the US than qualified developers to fill them.

According to job search portal, it takes more than a month and a half to find and hire the average tech worker role. Struggling to hire a key tech role is frustrating for you and the departments you’re responsible for.

That’s not by accident. Filtering, interviewing, testing for skill, testing for culture… Getting the right person for your team is a hard job. And that’s before you even consider how the demand for experienced developers is much bigger than the supply.

We have a magic bullet: using remote work to tap into international tech talent, expanding your hiring pool. Consider the worldwide market, not just your local one. If you hire globally — expertly vetted candidates who speak English and who work for you in your time zone — you get the same quality but a much higher supply.

You can get better people because if you choose the right countries, IT education and practices are top-notch and the talent pool is huge. And you can get them faster because you’re not fighting your competitors for them.

Does hiring from other countries sound intimidating? Time-consuming? Too much work? That’s where DistantJob comes in. We make it effortless. And we don’t even charge until you’re happy.

Do you have doubts about remote work? There’s MIT and APA-backed research stating it leads to more engaged, loyal and productive employees. We’re happy to share it.

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