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What Salesforce New Remote Work Policy Says About Their Culture

Aneesha Kochar
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Empathy. The word, as we know, has been used many times, especially in 2020. We have heard of a new designation, Chief Happiness Officer as well! Wait. Isn’t this article supposed to be about the new remote work policy of Salesforce? What’s the connection?

To be precise, Salesforce was empathetic enough to consider its employees’ current situation. That is why Salesforce began its remote work journey. To be elaborate, 2020 drove all of us nuts. Some were laid off; some went bankrupt, while others who believe in “Survival of the latest” evolved with the times. Unlike 2020 that became the Titanic that sank for many, Salesforce sailed through the storm and now in 2021 is keeping everyone more than just safe.

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It’s a Win-Win – Salesforce Remote Work Policy

It makes sense for Salesforce and its employees. Salesforce remote working style makes sense for the future. It is a move driven by current circumstances and the vision of the future. It is in the best interest of both the company and the employees. Here’s how they’re making sure that remote work takes center stage.

1. Flex

When the situation gets better, most of the Salesforce employees will be in the office only 1-3 days every week. This will primarily be for team collaboration, customer meetings, and presentations.

2. Fully Remote

The employees who don’t reside near their offices or have roles that don’t make their presence in the office a necessity will be able to work remotely full-time. 

3. Office Based

There are very few roles that require an employee’s presence in the office. These employees will work from Salesforce offices 4-5 days every week.

It’s clear that Salesforce has embraced a flexible remote work policy that allows all employees to be safe, have a good work-life balance, and have a comfortable and promising career growth.

The offices that people will visit 1-3 days a week for collaborations are also seeing a redesign to accommodate a more “community” environment instead of the old cubicle/desk style.

What The Remote Work Policy Means For The Salesforce Employees

Employees Are Valued

After a pandemic that shook the world, they managed the crisis well by keeping their very backbone – the employees – in mind.

Career Stability

Salesforce remote working style will allow employees to continue their career with the company even if they move to a different region. They don’t need to resign as they’re now free to work remotely. With remote work comes more career stability.

Perfect Work-Life Balance

All of these perks without compromising on personal life is a boon. Because of the remote work policy, Salesforce employees will maintain their work-life balance without spending extra money and time on daily commutes. They will be able to spend more time with their families. More savings will lead to lesser stress and a better lifestyle.

What The Remote Work Policy Means For Salesforce As A Company

A Sought After Company

Salesforce will now become a sought after company. A company that makes its employees a priority is always a magnet to top talent. This means that it will become easier for them to hire the best of employees.

Top Global Talent

Post going remote, they’re not limited to the vicinity of their offices. They can now hire top talent from anywhere in the world. Remote work gives them the opportunity to build a more diverse and inclusive culture.

Unbelievable Savings

The amount of money and resources Salesforce will save is unimaginable. When doing away with traditional brick and mortar setups that won’t run all day every day, imagine the cuts on electricity bills, the coffee machines, the pantry, the facilities, and cleaning. The list goes on. They will then be able to invest this money in better talent and tools needed for their projects, leading to being 5 years ahead in everything.

5 Years Ahead In Everything

This sets the wheels in motion. Going remote isn’t the future; It’s the “now”. What does this mean for Salesforce, a company that has embraced the remote work culture right when it’s needed? It means a leap towards growth and evolution.

Remote Work Is Just One Amazing Decision Away

Although a traditional office set up takes forever to plan and execute due to the kind of time and money involved, switching to remote work is simpler. And as you just read, it’s very rewarding too. Where else do you find a situation where employees are happy while being at the peak of their productivity and you don’t have to deal with the stress of overhead expenses?

Working remotely is not only about surviving the pandemic, but it’s also about embracing the technology and all the changes that are happening. Hiring remote talent, embracing a flexible culture has far more benefits than staying with the same on-site culture. Many companies are taking a leap towards remote work, are you? Here’s a full guide on how you can hire a remote Salesforce Developer.

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