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Aneesha Kochar is a Content Marketer at DistantJob. She has been a freelance writer for more than a decade. An ocean of information along with many of her own experiences can be witnessed in her writing.

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Flutter vs React Native: Which One is The Best for Development in 2022

You’re ready to build a kickass app for your business. But, which technology should you go for if you’re looking for cross-platform development at lower […]

Iterative Development: A Starter’s Guide

Being up-to-date with new and advanced software development life cycles and technologies is essential for businesses and developers if they want to excel. Software development […]

5 Ways To Protect The Intellectual Property Of Your Software

Information makes the world go round. Rapid technological advancement allows easy access and distribution of information. This makes the intellectual property of your software vulnerable […]

Web Development Vs Software Development: The Difference You Should Know

Every new-age internet business requires either a new website or an app. To build these, you either need a software developer or a web developer. […]

Interviewing DevOps Remotely? Top 5 Practical Interview Questions to Ask

With the development of the IT sector, the role of DevOps engineers was born! DevOps bridge the gap between development and operations. In recent years, […]

What is an ETL Developer? Roles and Responsibilities

If you’re from the tech industry, you probably already know how important an ETL Developer is. Without ETL developers, your data would be homeless. What […]

ASP.NET Vs PHP : Which One to Choose for Your Next Project

If you’re a developer, you’ve probably had this dilemma – ASP.NET vs PHP. Which one should I learn? If you’re a business that is looking […]

How the PRO Act will Affect Your Relationship with Freelancers

H.R. 842 is officially known as the PRO Act and was passed in the House on March 9 this year. The Pro Act has many […]

How to Spot the Fake Tech Candidate Scam in the IT Industry

Disclaimer: DistantJob does not intend to leak anyone’s private/sensitive information with the fake tech candidate scam article. If you see your profile/email/skype or any other […]

Are you our next superstar remote developer?

You live, breathe and eat code, and have fun figuring out how to solve problems. And you love living in South America or Eastern Europe. But you don’t feel as fulfilled as your friends in North America.