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You’re ready with a great idea. The execution has begun. All the teams are taking a step forward as directed by you. The marketers, the content developers, and the sales team are ready to go all out. And then… *crickets*. Someone is missing. Someone extremely important because how else will you even build your new web product? You’ve read the title and who I’m talking about is a no-brainer. A full stack developer it is. How to hire a full stack developer?

Before we go any further, let’s list down what’s in store for you. In this post, you will get answers to the following questions.

  • What is the role of a full stack developer?
  • What are the benefits to hire a full stack developer?
  • What are the full stack web developer skills to look for?

With knowledge of what a full stack developer does and can help your business with, it will become easy for you to hire one that fits your needs. Let’s go!

What is the Role of a Full Stack Developer?

While most of you know what a web developer does, I bet many are not quite sure what a full stack developer even means but we, at DistantJob are absolutely sure about what it means because we’re kick-ass IT recruiters! The term seems to be so complicated. It sounds like some really intelligent creature straight from the movie Avatar who knows languages that are unknown to us. Actually, this description is partially true. Partially, because the only difference is that a full stack developer isn’t blue!

In just one statement, a full stack developer is someone who can develop both server and client software.  They are proficient in both frontend and backend frameworks. This enables the developer to take care of everything about your website or app. They can not only create everything but also fix any issues, whenever needed.

Here’s a summary of all that a full stack developer can do for you:

  • Write backend codes.
  • Create frontend in JavaScript or HTML.
  • Create test codes for app validation.
  • Develop and debug database queries. 
  • Keep a tab on the UI performance.
  • Test and fix bugs.

That’s not just a lot of work but also a lot of valuable work. It’s easy to see how important a full stack developer is for your business. Wait a minute. You can easily hire different people for all of these different tasks. What are the benefits to hire a full stack developer to do it all instead of hiring various people for the same job? A full stack developer makes your life easy in so many ways. 

What are the Benefits to Hire a Full Stack Developer?

I remember an old schoolmate who became a “One Man Band” and created waves all across the city. He was able to play the guitar, a harmonica, and keys all at the same time. Guess what? He was the vocalist too! He ideated his own music, composed it, and then executed the shows all by himself. If there was any kind of problem during a performance, he would quickly improvise and fix it all on his own.

A full stack developer is your one-man band. He is well-equipped to do it all. From start to finish and beyond, your website or app is taken care of.

Here are more of the benefits of hiring a full stack developer:

  1. A Full Stack Developer is Versatile
    Because a full stack developer is proficient in the development of the frontend and the backend, they are able to understand a customer’s expectations and to provide necessary solutions to improve the entire experience. Full-stack developers don’t need external intervention and are, therefore, not a dependent resource. They’re able to see everything from a customer’s point of view while delivering a practically feasible solution.
  2. A Full Stack Developer Probably has more Experience Than a Whole Tea
    Coming with ample experience of both back-end and front-end, a full stack developer doesn’t only provide more value but also a different perspective. They can increase your project’s productivity and can add a thing or two that can enhance the overall value of your product/service.
  3. A Full Stack Developer Can Be the Face of Your Company
    They’re the people behind your project. They developed everything from scratch. This makes full stack developers a great asset in terms of representing your company. They can also be the people fronting your business. They know everything because they created everything!
  4. A Full Stack Developer Will Not Burn a Hole in Your Pocket
    A multitasking developer who can be everyone you need on your web/app development team will save you tons of money. Full-stack developers can take care of everything on their own. Instead of an entire l development team, all you need to hire is a full stack developer! No more flying dollar bills in the imaginary chat bubble above your head!
  5. A Full Stack Developer is Faster Than Your Average Joe and Can Work Remotely
    Their experience and know-how with a lot of technologies and methodologies make them faster than any other developer or a team of developers. No team discussions or collaborations to waste time on. Full stack developers can work remotely. They can also work faster despite working remotely. They can also deliver perfect work despite working faster. Don’t get confused. In a nutshell, they have it all! One-man band. Remember?

Now that you know of all the amazing things a full stack developer can do for you and your business, let’s look at some of the skills that you need to look for when hiring a full stack developer.

Full Stack Web Developer Skills to Look For

There are many full-stack developers out there who claim to be the one-man band you’re looking for but not all will be able to dance to your tunes. Finding the right developer who can work efficiently while working remotely is not very easy. It isn’t very tough either if you know what to look for. Here’s a list of the technical skills that a full stack developer must-have.


Familiarity with Git is a must. In fact, a profile with GitHub is a huge plus. It is a good measure of the coding skills of a full-stack developer.


The content on a web page is styled using HTML and CSS. The two work together to make an interactive UI and UX possible. Add to these basics some more skills like AngularJS, Bootstrap, Jquery, etc and you know you’re talking about someone who knows quite a lot about web and app development.


JavaScript is used to write code for servers. When looking for a full-stack developer, ensure that they know JavaScript well.

Frameworks and Programming Languages for Backend

To manage user authentication and database operations, the full stack developer should be well versed with languages like Ruby, Php, Python, etc. He/She should also be experienced with frameworks like Laravel for Php, .Net for C#, etc to be able to develop your project. 

Web Storage and Data Management

A full stack developer who knows their work well should be well acquainted with:

  • MySQL or other reliable database management systems.
  • Storing data efficiently.
  • Designing the schema of the database.

Additional skills

The full stack developer should have good knowledge of web servers like Apache, Ngnix, etc. He/She must also be familiar with server security issues and OS deployment tools such as FreeBSD, Ubuntu, etc.

Besides all of these skills that are technical, ensure that you look for attributes that enhance the overall delivery of your project. You don’t want someone to be technically sound but sloppy and lackluster in overall management skills. As for the technical skills, do create a mandatory assessment test to evaluate each candidate.

Here are some things that you can look for in addition to the above mentioned technical skills:

  • They should be willing to work remotely. We know what the pandemic did, we also know what aliens can do if all the UFO sightings were real. Why take chances?
  • They need to be passionate about what they do. Being a full stack developer means having the entire world on your shoulders. Are they willing and happy to play superhero? 
  • They should be open to learning. You don’t want the “Know It All” kinds who limit possibilities.

5 Best Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

If you really want to judge how good the candidate is, here are 5 important questions that will help you gauge the knowledge and skills of the full stack developer you’re considering hiring. 

1. What is Pair-Programming?

Pair Programming is when two developers work on the same terminal. The developer who writes the code is known as the “driver,” and the developer who reviews the same is the “navigator.”

2. What is The Main Difference Between REST and GraphQL?

In REST, the type of the resource and the way of retrieving it is coupled, whereas in GraphQL these two aspects are entirely independent. The main difference between the two is that unlike REST, in GraphQL, the description of a particular resource is not coupled to the way of retrieving it.

3. How Will You Optimize a Website to Enhance its Efficiency and Scalability?

There are several ways in which a full stack developer can optimize a website:

  • Avoiding URL redirects.
  • Avoiding unnecessary images.
  • Reducing DNS lookups.
  • Making use of “srcset” for responsive images.
  • Assets need to be placed on a cookie-free domain.

4. What is CORS?

CORS is short for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. It is a technique that helps to access web resources on diverse domains. CORS allows for seamless integration of web scripts with the external content of the primary domain. This further helps in facilitating better web service integration.

5. What is Bridge Pattern Used for?

Bridge Pattern is used when an abstraction is to be decoupled from its implementation in order to allow the two to become independent. In this pattern, an interface acts as a bridge that liberates the functionality of concrete classes from interface implementer classes. Each class can be altered without affecting the other.

Hire a Full Stack Developer

Now that you know how important it is to hire a full stack developer, you must be wondering what kind of setup you should create. Remote staffing is always the recommended setup. It isn’t so only with a full stack developer but for any other employment that doesn’t call for physical presence, unless absolutely necessary. 

Remote work has taken center stage because of the uncountable benefits it comes with. Imagine not having to pay for all the laptops your full stack developer might need! Yes, they could require more than one. Also, imagine not having to pay for the 20 cups of coffee your full stack developer might need when nearing deadlines. So many more hidden costs are right out of your way when you think about hiring remote teams. 20 cups of coffee a day alone will cost you around 40 bucks. Multiply that with 10 days, and you’re 400 bucks down. That’s just one overhead for one employee. Need I say more?

If you’d like to reap the benefits of remote staffing, it is highly recommended that you go for an agency with expertise in hiring remote teams like us. At DistantJob, we ensure that your needs are met. Let’s find the right superheroes for your web projects; the ones who make their presence and powers felt through their work!

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