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Ihor leads the team at the core of what makes DistantJob successful – our incredible recruitment team!
With over 8 years of experience as an IT recruitment professional, Ihor’s experience covers the whole breadth of the staffing and recruitment lifecycle – from sourcing and recruiting top-notch developers himself, to leading teams of recruiters.

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PHP vs JavaScript: Which Technology Will Suit Your Business Better

PHP and JavaScript are two of the most known (and used) technologies by programmers. When comparing both, a key aspect is to understand that they […]

How to Attract Software Developers

One of the keys to attracting software developers is as simple as asking yourself why should a software developer choose you? Interestingly enough this question […]

Telecommuting, Freelancing, and Remote Work – Which is good for business?

Hiring onsite workers is not what most businesses are looking forward to nowadays. Why would companies limit themselves when they can access a larger (and […]

How to Hire a Clojure Developer

You might wonder what Clojure is used for? Clojure can be used for a multitude of different projects, most commonly web development. Although it’s not […]

The Talented Developer Shortage Is a Lie

Working in tech companies, you probably heard your boss complaining about new IT hires. Now, you might be in the same position thinking “If you […]

10 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Software Engineer (2022)

You are in the middle of the recruiting and hiring process for a software engineer. You have tons of upcoming interviews, and you want to […]

How to Manage Your Remote Team of Developers – Experienced Guidelines

The growing need for software developers paired with the increase of remote work due to the pandemic has made businesses hire and manage remote developers […]

Recruiter Tips: Xamarin Interview Questions & Answers To Screen your Developer

If you’re looking to hire a Xamarin developer online for iOS and Android cross-platform development or a Mac desktop application, you need to know its […]

Remote Software Engineers or Onsite? Which is best?

Last year the barriers of remote work got broken down, all because of the Coronavirus. Still, the truth is that companies who had been refusing […]

Are you our next superstar remote developer?

You live, breathe and eat code, and have fun figuring out how to solve problems. And you love living in South America or Eastern Europe. But you don’t feel as fulfilled as your friends in North America.