3 Things to Do When Hiring Remote Employees

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Hiring remote employees can be liberating; your business can focus on candidates who best fit the role and your company, regardless of location.  And these days an interview process typically begins with an email, phone call, or even a Skype conversation, which is exactly how you might evaluate a remote employee. So there’s really no difference.

An interview should reveal what a candidate knows, how they do their job, and how they fit into the company culture. Here are a few tips to help you hire a remote employee.

#1: Define Expectations and Management Procedures
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Remote employees are not freelance or part-time staff and shouldn’t be treated as such. Just because they are not on-site doesn’t mean they shouldn’t abide by the same management and working structure put forth for teams on-site. And they need to know this from the get-go. For example, make sure you define your business hours because you’ll want your new hire to accommodate this schedule. Talk about deadlines, status meetings, progress reports, and conversations that will take place on a regular basis to facilitate project management. You’ll also want to make sure this individual is in it for the long-haul. You wouldn’t hire an on-site employee who is just looking to hop from one job to another – and neither should your remote personnel. Talk to the candidate about their long-term goals and how they would like to evolve with the company. Gauge their level of interest in truly becoming part of the team.

#2: Recognize Cultural Differences
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A company’s culture is founded on the people it hires. It has as much to do with the success of a business as the talent’s expertise. The proverbial “water cooler” has been replaced by collaborative working environments, communal lounges with comfy couches, a game room, a café, and even workout rooms where co-workers can socialize and get to know one another. And, while remote employees may not be on site to enjoy these perks, they should certainly develop a good report with coworkers. One of the easiest ways this can be achieved is to find out where the candidate is from and learn about their culture, who they are outside of a resume, and how they spend their free time. Take an interest in the candidate and they will likely take an interest in you. This will help you determine if they are good fit for the all-important company culture.

#3: Use a Reputable Recruiting Agency
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One of the biggest mistakes when hiring a globally dispersed employee is not asking for help. When you have the world at your fingertips it’s easy to get lost. An experienced recruiter can be your own personal GPS to a new hire. For example, just tell DistantJob what you’re looking for and our IT Recruitment Specialists start to search the globe. We provide a “short list” of vetted remote candidates for you to review and interview, all within 7-10 days. It’s that simple. And, when you’re ready to make your final decision, there is no additional paperwork or international red-tape. That’s the benefit of using a highly qualified, and reputable recruiter that specializes in a specific field of placement.

When you are ready to get started, it’s easy to check #3 off your list. Call DistantJob at 1-888-886-7343 to put our IT Recruitment Specialists to work finding your next team player. But the rest is up to you. If you are committed to building out your company with help from globally remote employees, make sure they are just as committed to the position you are offering them.

Online capabilities and connectivity have brought flexible workforces to the forefront of the recruitment industry. IT and software development companies now have access to global talent pools of highly qualified potential candidates. Global hires offset costs and lets you take advantage of top international talent – if it’s done properly.

Hiring full-time remote employees provide better, more cost-effective solutions for businesses. DistantJob places the world’s best candidates in top U.S. companies. We provide sought-after candidates to grow with the business. Contact us at 888-886-7343 to discover how.

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Maria Rainelli

Maria Rainelli

Maria Rainelli is a freelance writer who works with DistantJob to research and synthesise the best remote work related content into practical, accurate and actionable guides and articles on how to improve remote leadership and better manage your teams.

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