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Hiring Developers: The Advantages of Working with a Remote Staffing Agency

Ria Ghose
Content Copywriter for AI, Blockchain, Web3, FinTech, RegTech, Smart Mobility and Cybersecurity companies - - - 3 min. to read

Hiring developers doesn’t have to be as difficult as everyone makes it out to be – if you can pass the buck to someone else, that is. Enter a remote staffing agency: DistantJob. Still on the fence about working with one? This video below explains why you should partner with a remote recruitment agency when you’re looking to hire a talented and affordable developer.

Don’t forget, hiring means working with the HR department – who, it’s rumored, don’t really like looking for your “ideal” candidates…because they think you are too picky and you insist on the best fit.

Wait, what? You detest the hiring process?! Nooo!

Personally, we don’t get it. I mean there’s a certain charm about finding the right candidate for a niche role and seeing that candidate flourish in it while helping our clients grow along with them.

But we see your point. The truth is most of our C-Suite clients agree with you. They can’t muster up the enthusiasm to commit to a rigorous hiring process either.

Then again, it’s not just a matter of “not liking the process.” Hiring developers is much more complex than filing for other roles. Traditional routes, the usual question-answer drill, whiteboarding a problem – it doesn’t guarantee the best fit when it comes to hiring a developer.

In fact, our clients have shared with us how, in the past, their hires didn’t prove to be adequate for their specific project requirements, and in as little as 2-3 months they were forced to start the hiring process over again.

This is an ineffective method that compromises your productivity and encroaches on your human and financial resources for no good reason.

So, don’t you think it would be nice if you had experts to rely on who would do the lengthy groundwork (which, by the way, in no way adds to the bottom line of your company) for you? If you are wisely nodding your head, the solution is to partner with a staffing agency.

Now, you might have some doubts about that :

  • Aren’t they very expensive?
  • o they even pre-screen the candidates?
  • Were the candidates unemployed before this?

In full disclosure, all of those thoughts could be nightmarishly true if you just picked a staffing agency out of a hat.

But with the right staffing agency, you will have a friend, partner, and wingman who will find your ideal developers in less time than average and with sufficiently less cost than if you did it internally.

Staffing Agency or Bust: Why You Should Work with a Remote Staffing Agency

The advantages of working with a remote staffing agency are many, especially when working with one that understands your requirements, has access to a large pool of remote candidates, and can help fill positions rapidly. (And if you’re still not sure whether “remote” is the way to go, check out these top companies that hire remote workers.

Here are a few reasons why instead of trying to find the best candidates, you should be considering a remote staffing agency.

1.  Expect the right investment of time and effort to find the right candidates

You can rely on a professional remote staffing agency to invest the time and effort to seek the best candidates. Why? Their business success depends on it. Searching for a developer internally can be a hit-or-miss process, but remote recruiters will move ahead with sure bets who have been pre-screened and found compatible and capable.

2.  You are only as strong as your network

One of the first places you might look to hire your next developer is your network. That’s a good start, but keep in mind that finding you the right candidate is not their priority. Besides, your network will wear thin if you need to hire multiple developers. Remote staffing agencies have networks spreading the whole world. So you are spoiled for choice when it comes to developers who are suited to your organization.

3.  Staffing agencies “court” developers on your behalf

Yes, it’s like having your personal Cyrano de Bergerac who will convince suitable candidates to work for you. You see, the best remote staffing agencies, such as DistantJob, do not hire from a pool of unemployed candidates with questionable talent or ones looking for a career change. They headhunt from a select network of candidates who are good at what they do and are already employed elsewhere. We persuade the ideal candidates to join your team.

4. Cut out overheads and administrative costs

A good staffing agency will go the extra mile to find the right remote worker without charging you extra for it. However, a great remote staffing agency will do it for free. Yes, you read that correctly – DistantJob doesn’t charge you for finding the candidate. We charge a fee only if you choose a candidate from our picks and they work for you.

5. Shorten the hiring period

According to a study conducted by Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist of Glassdoor, the interview process has grown longer in recent years and unsurprisingly, complex roles have lengthier interview processes. The study notes here’s how long it takes to hire for the following roles:

  •  Software Engineer – 35.0 days
  • Senior Applications Developer – 28.3 days
  •  Product Engineer – 28.1 days

A remote staffing agency should be able to beat the average, just like we do. We can help fill your developer role in 2-3 weeks so that you can get on with your actual work.

6. Streamline your own team

The rigors of hiring a full-time employee extend beyond the hiring process into HR, payroll, taxes, healthcare, leaves, and other benefits. With those formalities out of the way, you could streamline your own administrative team and make your company more efficient. DistantJob takes care of all the red tape and frees you up for your actual work. Yet you get to work, interact, and manage the candidate like any other full-time employee.  

Hiring Developers Can Be Made Easy With the Network and Expertise of Remote Staffing Agencies

It’s time to put the “hiring a staffing agency costs too much” canard to rest. A staffing agency can save you time and money, and bring their expertise and resources to find you the best developers. But of course, it all depends on working with a remote staffing agency that suits your needs and has the requisite expertise.  

DistantJob specializes in headhunting expert, full-time developers from around the world and placing them in your team. Our specialization is the IT sector and we understand the importance of having a developer who can hit the ground running. You don’t even have to pay us a finder’s fee.

And since we only charge if the candidate continues to work for you, it’s in our best interest (and our prerogative) to find you the exact match.

But like any good relationship, ours too will begin if we can have a conversation about your needs. If you’re ready to leverage our extensive network, cut out the legwork and red tape, rely on a pro to find your next developer, write to us now!

Ria Ghose

As a contributor to DistantJob recruitment agency, Ria excels in content and copywriting for cutting-edge sectors like AI, Blockchain, Web3, FinTech, RegTech, HealthTech, Smart Mobility, and Cybersecurity.

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Let’s talk about scaling up your team at half the cost!

Discover the advantages of hassle-free global recruitment. Schedule a discovery call with our team today and experience first-hand how DistantJob can elevate your success with exceptional global talent, delivered fast.

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