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How to Attract Software Developers

How to Attract Software Developers

If I was a software developer, I’d be on cloud 404. Not found. I can’t even imagine being one because honestly, are they even real? If I can’t be one, I’ll try to attract software developers that can do the job just right. For a layman like me, coding equals magic. 

You might find this obnoxiously exaggerated but when i think of all the successful giants like Facebook, Amazon, League Of Legends, Mobile Legends and more, that serve millions and billions of people, I can’t help but wonder about the technology behind it all. One platform that manages millions of payments, ads, content, users, transactions, engagement every single day is truly awe-inspiring.

If you’re looking to attract software developers for your business to create something that will help our business skyrocket into famedom, let me tell you it won’t be easy but very much worth every penny and patience. There are plenty of good software developers around but excellent ones that create giants like the ones I mentioned are rare. Not to worry. This piece will cover all that you can do to attract the best software developers for your business.

Basics To Attract Software Developers?

Let me bust your bubble. Your project is not that interesting. There’s no need to be disappointed. Don’t cancel your product and shut shop just yet. Your idea is great and your target consumer needs it. It is just not interesting enough for the software developer! Nothing to worry about. You can work on this… Let’s see which factors contribute to a software developer’s interest levels in a project.

1. Do You Have Investors?

If you’re a startup, you probably have some investors. If these investors are credible enough and there is a good amount of funding involved, software developers will trust your project more.

Pro Tip: Include your investors’ names and a detailed profile at the beginning of your job description and pitch.

2. What’s Your Track Record?

As a founder or a member of the top management team, you should have a solid track record to be able to. What’s your experience? What previous projects of yours were successful? What was your greatest professional accomplishment? Put the answer to all of these in the pitch document to recruit software developers.

Pro Tip: If you have a relatively unimpressive track record, you can talk about the team’s cumulative achievements, instead.. This will make your overall portfolio even more robust and trustworthy.

3. Are You Willing to Pay?

Of course, you’re more than willing. The point here is that if you’re not willing to pay as per industry standards or even a little more for the right software developer, they could shy away from taking up your project. There will always be someone else who will grab this opportunity and take the right talent away from you by offering what they’re worth. It’s not like you’ll have to give an arm and a leg to recruit the right developer. You’re going to get developers at affordable rates. Whether you find them affordable or exorbitant depends how you weigh the value you’re getting. 

Pro Tip: Paying a little higher than industry average for the right software developer is an investment, not an expenditure. This mindset can change a lot of things for you.

4. Is Your Recruitment Process Right?

I know you recruit people regularly for your business and this question might not seem legit but when it comes to software developers, the process is a whole lot different. There are so many technical questions involved besides attribute and skill tests. It is highly recommended that you get your recruitment team acquainted with the step by step process of hiring the right software developer. The right process is necessary to attract software developers worth your time and money and filter out the rest.

Pro Tip: It is best to recruit an agency like DistantJob that has experience in hiring remote software developers as they know the whole process, the right questions and the right skill tests. It is also an impressive move to showcase how serious you are about hiring the right software developer. 

Software developers

Why Should a Software Developer Choose You?

Interestingly enough, this question is easy to answer if you turn the tables. Try to look for an answer to why would you leave an opportunity with a tech giant and go for a relatively smaller setup if you were that software developer? 

Eventually, everything boils down to the “What’s in it for me?” question. Answer this for them and you win. This takes a little bit of a sales strategy. Imagine that this software developer is your potential customer. What problem are you solving for them? How are you going to add more value? Why are you better than the competition?

Instead of trying to show how amazing you are as a company (which you already hinted at in the beginning of your job pitch deck), elaborate more on software developer benefits if they join your company.

1. They Won’t Get Lost In The Crowd

One of the best ways to catch any senior developer’s attention is to respect their expertise and give them a position of visibility. A tech giant will only be an ocean of uncountable developers where there’s limelight for none. With you, the software developer will be recognised and respected openly.

2. You’re Flexible To Work With

This is one of the biggest hooks to attract software developers that are apt for your business. Think about who you’re targeting here. Coding and development is heavy work. Most highly skilled developers prefer to work in solitude from the comfort of their homes. They’ll choose remote work over corporate slavery any day. This is why when you do post your job opening, mention “remote work” in the title. You can simply write it as “Remote Software Developer”. Don’t be surprised with the number of applications after this.

3. Offer REAL Perks

Your software developer isn’t interested in slinging from a rope like Tarzan in a forest he doesn’t want to be in. Those forced social activities where you promise to “boost team confidence” by playing paintball or dumb charades is utterly unattractive to a software developer. What they do care about are the real perks. By that I mean that they’d be more than happy to have health insurance, bonuses and as mentioned before, flexible hours of working is a complete bliss to them.

There are plenty of ways to attract software developers for your project. These ways are simple to implement too. The idea is to not be unnecessarily frilly. Be realistic in your approach, put your best foot forward and remember that the most important part in the entire process is – “What’s in it for me?”

Your sales team can help you here but not quite like an experienced recruitment agency that specializes in hiring remote employees and that’s where DistantJob steps in. From finding and recruiting the right software developer for your business to onboarding and beyond, DistantJob does it all. I’m sure that your 404 error will soon be debugged and you’ll be able to recruit software developers for your project. 

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Aneesha Kochar

Aneesha Kochar

Aneesha Kochar is a Content Marketer at DistantJob. She has been a freelance writer for more than a decade. An ocean of information along with many of her own experiences can be witnessed in her writing.