7 Advantages of Hiring International Developers In The USA
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7 Advantages of Hiring International Developers In The USA

Sharon Koifman
Founder and Remote CEO at DistantJob - - - 3 min. to read

What Are The Key Advantages Of Hiring International Developers?

Hiring locally can be a challenge. You have limited reach, making it more difficult to find people with the exact skills you need, and it gets even worse if you’re considering cultural fit. To counteract this problem, companies looked for other solutions and saw the advantages of hiring international developers. 

Hiring offshore developers gives companies the opportunity to find people that fit their needs more closely, faster, and at lower costs. All while still employing qualified experts that will deliver the same (or even better!) quality work. 

If you are considering hiring international developers, we’ll show you why this strategy is beneficial for your business. 

Benefits of hiring remote developers

  • It’s what developers want
  • Lower costs
  • More access to skills
  • Expand at your own pace
  • Hire more diverse candidates
  • Increased productivity
  • Better retention
Benefits of hiring developers outside the U.S.

1. It´s What Developers Want

Why hire remote engineers? The most obvious answer is that remote work is in high demand because it is extremely convenient and comfortable for employees while having little to no impact on their work output overall.

In recent years, even prior to the pandemic, the tech and IT industry was already shifting towards a remote work model. According to DigitalOcean, 86% of IT developers work remotely, and almost 1/3 are working from home full-time.

With the normalization of remote work, job expectations have also changed. According to a study from HR Dive, 43% of programmers said that when they are seeking a new job or considering a job offer, the ability to work remotely is a must-have.

2. Lower Costs

At the end of the day, most of the decisions you make in your company are based on money. One of the most enticing benefits of working with International developers is that it opens new possibilities for your company to save money by:

  • Employing developers faster means less downtime in development when a key member is needed.
  • Getting equally qualified employees from countries with fewer costs of living means you can pay lower yet still highly competitive salaries.
  • Foregoing the use of physical offices means you no longer need to pay for their rent and other linked utilities.

Don’t forget that hiring someone is not just about salary. Remote developer hiring costs for full-time hires should also be taken into account. Onboarding, an initial phase of training, and even recurrent taxes and other legal fees can bring unexpected costs when integrating your new employee.

As striking examples of the kinds of savings you can achieve with remote development, Sun Microsystems saved $68 million a year only in real estate costs, while Dow Chemical and Nortel saved over 30% on non-real estate costs. 

Recruit remote developers

3. More Access To Skills

Finding someone locally with the skill set you require is hard, especially if you’re looking for very specific or niche skills. Sometimes the local offering just won’t be able to provide you with what you need. 

If you’re looking for specialized developers or someone with a particular set of skills, then you’ll have an easier time if you hire software developers abroad that have what you’re looking for. By searching in a larger population of candidates, you’re more likely to land a developer that fits your specific needs.

4. Expand At Your Own Pace

Expanding your operations happens naturally as your company grows, and you’ll need talent to fill the new positions that expansion will inevitably create. Whether you’re looking for one person or many to bolster your ranks, the global market will give you more chances to find the people you need, faster.

Hiring internationally is especially useful if you’re hiring for a lot of openings at once. If you’re looking to create a new team of developers to tackle a project, remote hiring can be the solution to quickly fill up those spots with the right people. This will help you get the project up and running as fast as possible.

5. Hire More Diverse Candidates

Often overlooked, having diverse backgrounds and opinions in your team can lead to better projects and a more inclusive workplace. This will benefit both your company and your clients.

Employing a diverse team with a wide range of cultures and professional backgrounds can lead to increased innovation and creativity, leading to ground-breaking ideas or improved processes within the company.

Also, a diverse team can help you connect to your international customers and give you the necessary tools and knowledge to interact with them more closely. This is especially important if you’re working on a global-scale project, where brand recognition and loyalty are imperative to stay at the top.

6. Offsite Developers are More Productive

We all have different working paces, and one of the most significant advantages of hiring remote developers is that you are giving them the space to work in the environment (and the hours) they can give their best. 

According to a CoSo cloud study that included 353 workers, 77% said they were more productive when they worked offsite. So, yes, remote work increases the employees productivity (I’m sorry for the old-fashioned minds that don’t get it.). 

If you have a project that needs a rapid turnaround, international developers can be advantageous as well. By hiring people with different time zones, you can establish processes where your whole team works “around-the-clock”.

When a team of developers (or even a single developer) finishes their work for the day, another team in another time zone can start working and pick up where the previous team left off. With good coordination, this development approach can be particularly advantageous for projects that require a shorter time-to-market or respond quickly to a global customer base. 

7. More Worker Happiness and Retention

A good company is not the one that gets the best talent but rather the one that keeps them. Having a happy and well-maintained team is one of the core pillars of a company’s success. This is why hiring with company culture in mind is so important.

Hiring internationally can help you by more easily finding the people with the right mindset to work for you. When someone understands the company, they will be much more inclined to share its goals and successes.

It is also important to hear feedback from your team and act on it. Balancing these two facts will make your team happier while working and, in turn, much more productive. This also reduces their inclination to look for work elsewhere, allowing you to see the fruits of your investment in them. 

Hire International Developers With DistantJob

Hiring internationally is very advantageous for tech teams. You lose very little for the possibility of getting great experts with the skills you need, and that want to work for you.

Finding these people, however, requires some work. Anyone can go to a few online job boards and find candidates ready to work, but getting the right skills with a good company fit is another thing altogether. What distinguishes normal recruiters from experts is their ability to find potential candidates in more than just the obvious places, ask the right questions, and know what to offer to entice them to work for you. 

At DistantJob, we’ve been recruiting IT talent for our clients in the States for more than 15 years and can help you with global headhunting to build the loyal team you need. Talk today with our recruiter expert and put us to the test. Minimize your software developer hiring risks and find the perfect match with us in less than two weeks. 

Sharon Koifman

Sharon Koifman, the founder and remote president at DistantJob, specializes in recruiting top remote developers and spearheading remote workforce strategies. Sharon's approach combines cutting-edge remote recruitment practices with a deep commitment to building effective, globally distributed teams.

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Let’s talk about scaling up your team at half the cost!

Discover the advantages of hassle-free global recruitment. Schedule a discovery call with our team today and experience first-hand how DistantJob can elevate your success with exceptional global talent, delivered fast.

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