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Hiring a Developer is Challenging – Here’s How to Nail It

Ria Ghose
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Hiring a developer is a long drawn process – or at least it should be if you are intent on finding the right candidate.

Most HR professionals and IT engineers shirk embarking on this journey that can prove tedious and unproductive. Besides, with candidates, it’s not always WYSIWYG, frequently the reverse.

How candidates appear on paper, how they interact with you during an interview, and how they solve test problems are far from indicative of how they will perform in their roles. Trumped-up references to shaky technical skills sometimes lurk underneath glossy resumes. Then there’s the sought-after “fits the company culture” trait – a yeti if ever there was one.

Common Misconceptions When Hiring a Developer

We are giving it to you straight from the horse’s mouth – the travails DistantJob clients have faced finding and hiring a developer on their own.

  • “The recruiting talent pool is very small”
  •  “The market is very tough, startups, big IT companies are our competitors. It’s a challenge.”
  • “The most difficult part is finding the right candidate.”
  • “Our bar is very high.”
  • “A good fit, we can take it slow, but we need a good fit.”
  • “We need our candidate to fit into our culture. We want to have fun but don’t do gimmicks.”
  • “Where can we find an all-rounder, brilliant, great communicator, great culture fit, and has the right values?”

Have you felt similar pains? We sympathize.

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How Challenging is it to Hire a Good Developer? 

Top reasons we’ve uncovered while speaking with our clients about why hiring a developer is difficult: 

  1. Not looking in the right place: Job sites, local recruitment agencies, companies’ networks are the customary places to look. No wonder the talent pool is considered small if those are your only choices.
  2. Not asking the right interview questions: Tricky, this one. A good developer can limit himself to knowing just one common language, like Java, whereas a mediocre candidate can read Ruby for Dummies and call himself an expert.
  3. Not looking for the right traits: A group of developers with the same skills and traits is a formula for trouble. An efficient team is a diverse team of easy adapters, team players, and lone wolves.

A troubling trend DistantJob has noticed is how developers prepare to ace interviews – even if their skills and talent don’t extend to much else beyond that prep. Books, website, interview problems are all at the disposal of a developer. Acing an interview is no guarantee of acing the actual job.

From Silicon Valley to Upwork – Your Developer Isn’t Here

A crippling misconception amongst recruiters is that all the best developers are in Silicon Valley. In actuality, qualified developers exist elsewhere, and they charge far less for the same meticulous work.

Apparently, the only known alternative to Silicon Valley is Upwork – it’s where companies look next and find a developer in a matter of minutes.

That, unfortunately, is also how long such a candidate will last on your team.

Where to Look Next When Hiring a Developer

One of the challenges when hiring a developer that companies often experience is that they have no idea where to look for developers -mostly because they aren’t looking outside the local market. 

If a small talent pool is a problem you’re facing, it’s time to stop looking in tiny puddles. Try oceans instead.

Because there is an ocean of talented developers present all across the world. Buying local doesn’t apply to hire a developer – here it’s all about top-notch talent from any corner of the globe – who are just as capable of handling your specific requirements as anyone you can find within the country.

Considering Directly Hiring a Developer from Outside the US? Go global? Here are the challenges

Think again.

What do I mean when I just made a tremendous case for it?

Well, to be fair, you can – if you’re willing to jump through more hoops.

Bringing a foreign worker into the country entails its flurry of activities better suited to arranging a Christmas gala than hiring a developer.

HIB visas, visa caps that are promptly met, rules and regulations such as leaving the position open for local hires, paying relocation cost, fines if you break any of these rules – and all for a maximum of six years before the visa expires.

It’s not worth the trouble, especially when a much more straightforward, more efficient way exists.

That way, of course, is hiring a developer from anywhere in the world to work remotely for you.

And if you’re not sure how to go about that – it’s a one-step process: get in touch with us, we’ll do the rest.

Why DistantJob is Your Choice Weapon When Hiring a Developer

What makes us better at hiring a developer and surpassing our competitors is our recruitment team. In the guise of recruiters, they are senior developers with the right connection, knowledge, and insight that they wield to find the remote candidate perfect for you.

Be it combing through long lists of developers expert in conventional languages like Java and PHP or discovering a talent familiar with esoteric programming languages – our recruiters, aka developers, know where to look, what to look for, and what questions to ask.

They design proprietary problems for would-be candidates to solve – not copied off of anywhere, but designed keeping your specifications in mind. This helps us pare down an already-viable list to the top 3-5 candidates whom we present to you.

And if our picks don’t happen to meet your expectations – don’t expect a counter-argument from us. Instead of forcing our choice, we’ll only redouble our efforts and look harder for the right candidate.

We also highly stress the importance of culture fit in our recruitment process, because we know how important that is to our clients. And the bottom line of any culture is communication because it’s the one element that makes culture happen.

Speaking of communication, if you get in touch with us right now – chances are you’ll have filled that open position in less than three weeks. Honestly, hiring a developer has never been easier, when you have DistantJob by your side. Access our hiring page today!

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