It’s a Small World After All – Thanks to Remote Placement

When you really stop and think about it, the world is huge! It can be so easy to get caught up in our own tiny spaces within the global economy, but when you consider that there are over seven billion people on the planet, things might be brought into a clearer perspective. In fact, nowhere is this more true than in the world of business. Companies may have no qualms about sourcing their suppliers worldwide, but then when it comes to their greatest resource, employees, many only seek qualified candidates to fill open positions within their local areas, severely limiting their abilities to find highly talented people to help them increase productivity, revenue, and profit.

Remote workers

Candidates during a job interview are likely to be nervous, but you should be even more nervous if your company isn’t seeking out the best talent through a remote placement agency.

So How Do You Go About Looking?

One of the keys to finding top talent is to broaden your horizons by searching for these candidates outside of your city, state, and even country. While this may seem like a monumental task, it can actually be quite simple when you partner with a remote placement team. A remote placement team typically handles the searching, filtering and testing aspects for you, and the best part is that many of these candidates will work remotely immediately upon hire, significantly cutting labor costs for your business. Due to advances in technology, remote workers can now interact with your team on a level like nothing before seen, including by participating in video and voice conferences in real-time from almost anywhere across the planet.

Remote workers

Time is money, and when you rely on your own internal processes to seek out, qualify, and vet candidates, you may be wasting both time and money. Instead, rely on a remote placement agency to streamline things.

A Remote Placement Team Has the Right Contacts

Another advantage of partnering with a remote placement company is the ability to access a large pool of global contacts for qualified professionals in your industry. This cuts down the time involved in sourcing candidates, allowing your company to quickly match their specific talents and core skills to your specific job openings. Recruiting the traditional way, invariably leads to a limited pool of currently available applicants, from which you must nevertheless filter and search out through tens, hundreds, or even thousands of resumes, sometimes none of which might be a good fit. To add to this, even a seemingly strong resume may be the product of a weak candidate, and you won’t know or be sure until you bring the candidate in, taking up valuable time and financial resources. When you work with a remote placement company, you no longer have to wade through piles of inadequate applications and resumes because the placement agency filters the data and provides your company with the right matches that best suit your specific needs.

Vetting Talent Can Take a While

An important step in the hiring process is a phone or on-site interview, yet again, limiting your search when only connecting with local available candidates. A remote placement agency can offer your company pre-qualified candidates, already vetted before their applications or resumes even come across your desk. A remote placement agency is dedicated to ensuring that the needs and requirements of you company’s open positions are filled before you take the time from your busy schedule to make a single phone call. In addition, because a remote placement agency deals with candidates for you, the hiring process is simplified and streamlined, saving your company further time and money.

Distant Job is the Remote Placement Agency of Choice

Whether you’re interested in expanding your pool of applicants or you don’t have the time to vet candidates for open positions, experienced remote placement professionals at Distant Job are here to help. We specialize in connecting top, qualified applicants from across the world, to the open career positions that benefit both employee and employer. To learn more, contact our experts by visiting our contact page.

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