It’s a Small World After All – Benefits Of Remote Placement

Remote Placement

Following the global lockdown, remote placement became the top strategy for most companies. As the vaccination campaign is kicking off, people are slowly returning to the office again. Yet, the pandemic made us think differently on several things. For example, when you think of remote hiring, the world is your limit! 

Thanks to the pandemic, companies realized the potential of remote hiring. All of a sudden, companies could pick a candidate choosing one of the seven billion people on the planet. COVID restrictions speed up the implementation of hybrid models and show many of its benefits. And after this last year, over 80% of businesses plan to expand remote work models.

What is Remote Placement?

By now, you probably heard thousands of terms to talk about remote placement. Telecommuting, remote work, virtual teams, work from home – All these words have one thing in common. They refer to a job position that doesn’t require commuting into a traditional office or a physical workplace. A remote employee can work from a local coworking space, from home, at a coffee shop, or while traveling.

In the digital era, teams can quickly work and effectively communicate from opposite sides of the world. Especially after this global shift to remote work, there are lots of new flexible policies and models as well as several work from home placement agencies. Some companies are fully remote, while others prefer a hybrid model that combines virtual and physical meetings. 

Benefits Of A Remote Job Placement Agency

Whether fully or hybrid, remote placement services have many benefits not only for employees but also for employers. 

#1. Talent Pool

This is probably the most common benefit of hiring remotely. You can access an unlimited talent pool and hire specialized candidates for your business. A Global Workspace Survey found that for 78% of companies offering flexible remote working is the best way to expand their talent pool. Especially in the tech industry, remote placement helps to find specialized dev talent worldwide based on their specialty at affordable rates.  

#2. Increase Employee Retention

Employee retention is a massive challenge for businesses. Without a solid company culture and welfare, employees don’t feel engaged or valued and tend to leave the company after a few months. Almost 73% of workers are opened to new opportunities, and 33% of employees are actively looking for new positions.

Condecosoftware research found that 52% of organizations say remote work improves employee retention. Working remotely allows employees to save money from commuting, office clothing, and babysitting. In addition, employees feel more motivated when they have more flexibility during the working day. Building a solid company culture in remote settings is one of the best strategies to keep employees in your company. 

#3. Productivity 

Another thing you probably heard a few times by now is that remote workers are more productive. There are tons of surveys and research showing that, under the right circumstances, remote workers are more effective. For example: 

There are countless reasons that help employees to improve their productivity working from home. They can customize their home office, schedule their day, have fewer distractions, and don’t suffer the pressure of being overwatched by their managers. 

#4. Reduce Costs

Remote businesses can save company costs on office rent and salaries. Unless you aren’t running a hybrid company, there is no point in renting an office, isn’t it?

Less apparent is the reason why companies can save money on salaries. Depending on the position and qualification required, the same job position can have a different salary rate in other countries. According to Global Workplace Analytics Telework Savings Calculator, a company can save $11,000 per part-time remote worker annually.

In addition, especially after the pandemic, almost 6 out of 10 employers identify cost savings as the top benefit of remote work, and 36% would prefer a remote position over a pay raise.

How Can a Remote Placement Agency Help Your Business?

Even now that remote work is mainstream, searching for candidates outside your city, state, or even country feels like a monumental task – until you partner with a remote recruiting agency. 

  1. Talent Availability 

A remote placement team usually handles the searching, filtering, and testing stages for you. More importantly, agencies have quicker access to worldwide talent. The availability isn’t just finding candidates. Sometimes, you find the perfect fit for you, but the candidate needs a few months to fully start in your company. Remote placement can guarantee talent available to start immediately upon hire. Talent availability not only speeds up the hiring process but also significantly cuts labor costs for your business. 

  1. Right Contacts

A remote placement company can access a larger pool of global contacts for qualified professionals in your industry. When you can rely on a contact list, the process of sourcing candidates is less time-consuming. In addition, it allows your company to quickly match specialized talent for a specific job position. Rather than wading through piles of inadequate applications and resumes, a placement agency filters data and existing contacts to provide candidates that best suit your specific needs.

  1. Pre-qualified Candidates 

Finally, a remote placement agency can offer your company pre-qualified candidates already vetted before their applications even come across your desk. They deal with candidates for you, the hiring process is simplified and streamlined, saving your company further time and money.

How To Choose The Right Remote Placement Agency?

Define Hiring Expectation 

The first step to choose the right agency for you is defining your hiring expectation. Do you need a part-time or full-time position? Entry or executive-level? Once you have specified all the details about the role you need, you can start looking for the right agency.

Set Up A Budget

Keep in mind that remote placement agencies don’t come for free. Before starting the hiring process, set up a budget for it. After that, you can discuss rates with the staffing agencies and ask for Terms of Business. For example, if you want to start a long-term collaboration, you can arrange a convenient payment plan. Recruitment agencies cost money, but there is always room for negotiation if you know what you need. 

Choose an Agency That Values Your Mission

Besides budget, it’s important to look for an agency that values and shares your mission. The point isn’t only selecting an agency with experience in your field – which is common sense. Try and look for an agency that aligns with your mission and can understand the right personality for your project. If you want to build a long-term relationship, an agency that you can contact only through virtual chats isn’t a good option. Perhaps, a smaller agency with solid experience and a more familiar approach will be a better fit. Depending on what you need, you can select different types of agencies and approaches.

Analyze What They Offer

If you feel it’s more time-consuming dealing with the agency than hiring the right candidate yourself, it’s the wrong agency. A recruitment agency supports and organizes any stage of the process. Besides their contacts, some agencies offer other services like HR and legal support. When you hire a recruitment team, analyze their offer, not just the budget.

How Does DistantJob Choose The Top Talent for Remote Placement?

Last but not least, here are a few things about DistantJob you should consider when thinking about partnering with a remote placement agency like Distantjob. We have been in this business of employment agencies specializing in remote jobs for over a decade. We’ve helped from small companies to large organizations hire talented tech developers that adapt to their culture and help them thrive.  

Here are a few elements that make us different from others: 

  • We understand your Company’s DNA: From the beginning to end, we try to understand your company’s mission and values to headhunt the best talent for you.
  • We are specialists in the remote world: We are the first remote headhunting agency. Over the last ten years, we have refined this process through direct experience. In addition, we offer full-time remote positions to bring you the best talent.  
  • Accessing Global Talent as Nerds: Our recruiters do not only establish long-term relationships with candidates worldwide. As nerdy tech lovers, they talk to developers in their language.
  • Best HR: Our HR takes care of everything, from payrolls and legal issues to benefits in the workplace. Our team schedules regular check-ins after the hiring process with candidates and their managers to ensure optimal performance, retention, and job satisfaction.
  • Remote Interviews: The Account Manager follows the whole interview process to support the clients in evaluating candidates. This immediate feedback allows us to continuously refine and improve our vetting process and close roles faster.
  • 360º Candidate Evaluation: Each of our candidates is vetted through a multiple-step evaluation process to filter skills and attitudes according to the client’s expectations and culture.
  • We focus on finding the perfect match: As we mentioned earlier, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. We don’t want to waste your time. If the candidate isn’t right for you, we start over again till we find the right one. 

Start The Hiring Process With DistantJob

Whether you’re interested in expanding your pool of applicants or you don’t have the time to vet candidates for open positions, experienced remote placement professionals at tech remote placement agency DistantJob are here to help. 

As a remote working recruitment agency, we specialize in connecting top, qualified applicants worldwide to the open career positions that benefit both employee and employer. 

But what makes us different is the relationship we create with both candidates and clients. Working remotely doesn’t mean working alone, but working with the best people across the globe. To know more about our hiring process, just knock on our virtual door!

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Maria Rainelli

Maria Rainelli

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