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Ria Ghose

Content Copywriter for AI, Blockchain, Web3, FinTech, RegTech, Smart Mobility and Cybersecurity companies


As a contributor to DistantJob recruitment agency, Ria excels in content and copywriting for cutting-edge sectors like AI, Blockchain, Web3, FinTech, RegTech, HealthTech, Smart Mobility, and Cybersecurity.

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Are My Remote Employees Actually Working?

We are carrying over our conversation about trust from the last time. First, we examined trust issues from the remote employees’ perspective in this article. […]

The Remote Job Parity

How far does your money go when you hire a remote worker versus an in-office worker? What if you hired someone from outside the US? […]

What Does Trust Even Look Like In Remote Teams

Trust is an umbrella word, often used to mean a lot of things. At times, it’s a filler word used to pad sentences. We don’t […]

How To Keep Your Remote Dev Team’s Creative Juices Flowing

Most creative people, including developers, have their own “method” of coming up with new ideas or egging on breakthroughs. They can even be territorial about […]

How Virtual Reality Is Upping Remote Team Collaboration

In-person interaction – gun to our heads that would be the answer. Question: does remote work have any snags? Other than a teleportation device, Virtual […]

Build Your Talent Pipeline With A Remote Recruitment Agency

What would you do if your favorite developer suddenly gave you two weeks’ notice? Do you have your next move planned or will you start […]

Running Remote 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

The world’s largest conference for distributed teams – Running Remote 2019 – is taking place in Bali, Indonesia during June 29th and 30th. Find out why it’s an opportunity of a lifetime for a remote-forward business.

Why You Should Pay For Remote Developers’ Co-Working Space

Remote work saves you money – but that’s just part of the equation. Here we explore why it’s wise to invest part of those savings into a productivity-boosting space for your employees – and go through the best options!

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Recruitment Forever

As AI develops further every year, what does this mean for hiring, recruitment, and HR? Will it impact remote recruitment? Here, we go over the latest developments in AI Hiring and HR.

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