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Gabriela Molina is the writer and executive editor of the DistantJob blog. As a former freelance journalist, she has covered a wide range of topics throughout her career, specializing in the areas of technology, development team management, and remote work. She has a profound knowledge of tech stacks, and has been featured in Datasciencentral, Simpleprogrammer, and other renowned websites.

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Why Working Remotely is Key for Your Business Success with Chris Bruno

During this episode, Chris Bruno shares how Brexit was the factor that drove him to start working remotely. In 2016, his 8-year-old business suffered significant consequences, and two key factors were the ones that enabled him to become the successful entrepreneur he is nowadays: Passion and remote work.

Key Differences Between Junior, Midlevel, Senior, and Lead Developers

What’s the difference between Junior, Midlevel, Senior, and Lead developers? If you are in the process of hiring a developer, you are probably already wondering […]

Cultivating Better Relationships in Remote Teams with Flore Dorcely-Mohr

With more than 20 years of working in a remote environment, our guest, Flore Dorcely-Mohr, shares practical tips to help leaders cultivate better relationships in remote teams. She emphasizes the importance of building connection and trust in a virtual setting.

Constructive Conflict: How to Promote it in a Remote Business Environment

Promoting conflict? Those two words together sound nonsense. The concept of conflict is usually given a negative connotation, especially in an office environment, where leaders […]

Why Hiring Remote Workers is the Key to Growing Your Small Business with David Schneider

In this podcast episode, our guest, David Schneider, talks about how he discovered the power of having talented virtual employees – and how this helped him shaped his business. He also shares his insights regarding his experience working remotely for seven years and how he deals daily with remote teams.

Agile Software Development Team Structure

When you have this ambitious idea of building software, whether for your company or a client, having a strong team is necessary. This not only […]

Hiring for Culture Fit in a Remote Context with Mag Boron

During this enriching podcast episode, Mag Boron shares why all employers and managers need to look for culture fit when hiring remote employees. She also reveals tips and strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

Why Technical Recruiters are a Must for Your Company When Hiring IT Talent?

It’s ironic to think there are over 23 million developers worldwide, and thousands of companies continually struggle to recruit IT talent. There is no such […]

How to Hire a Talented Software Manager

Do you need someone to take charge of your IT team? Someone who understands your company’s goals and helps you reach them?  If the answer […]

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