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Gabriela Molina is the writer and executive editor of the DistantJob blog. As a former freelance journalist, she has covered a wide range of topics throughout her career, specializing in the areas of technology, development team management, and remote work. She has a profound knowledge of tech stacks, and has been featured in Datasciencentral, Simpleprogrammer, and other renowned websites.

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Is Latin America a Good Source for Remote Developers?

Before remote workers became mainstream, India was one of the traditional hiring hubs for companies looking for software developers. The tech hiring landscape is changing, […]

Secure Your Software: What You Need to Know About NDAs for Remote Developers

In the era of digital globalization, companies are increasingly relying on remote developers to power their software projects, emphasizing the heightened importance of maintaining stringent […]

Benefits of Using IT Staffing Services for Your Business

Finding the right IT talent can make the difference between staying in the game and leading the pack. However, hiring in-house and locally can drain […]

Is Software Development Outsourcing the Secret to Your Business Growth?

Software development outsourcing has become a key strategy aiming to optimize operations and boost technological capacities for businesses. Interestingly, a Statista study discloses that approximately 59% […]

Technical Recruiter vs. Technical Sourcer: Which One Do You Need For Your Hiring Strategy? 

According to BCG, recruiting and filing open tech positions is one of the main challenges for 73% of IT leaders in the U.S. Due to […]

Time Zone Overlap: A Remote Dev Team’s Competitive Edge

Time zone overlap can be a powerful strategy for effective communication, collaboration, and productivity within remote developer teams. A FlexJobs report revealed that 54% of […]

Lead Software Engineer vs Senior Software Engineer: Which One to Hire?

When it comes to job titles, particularly in the tech industry, the distinction and hierarchy between roles such as “Lead Engineer” and “Senior Software Engineer” […]

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