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3 Reasons To Go Remote When Hiring a Java Developer

Luis Magalhaes
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Java developers are some of the most sought-after as of the end of last year. Offering a remote work position is a great way to entice them. And to keep them in the long run as well.

This is plain as day when analyzing OpenStacks’ most recent user survey. The possibility to work remotely is the second most wanted perk among developers. It’s right behind paid vacation / holidays. Bonus pay and stock options don’t even break the top 5.

That’s a big paradigm shift. Companies used to think that more money meant increased loyalty and motivation. But that’s not the case anymore.

The ability to code has always been a valuable skill. But developers weren’t always as valued as they are today. Ten years ago, few imagined how much our present life would come to rely on software. In the past, developers had to compete for jobs. Today, companies need to compete for good developers.

The relationship between employee and employer has changed. It’s more co-dependent, in a healthy way. Companies now realize that good developers are hard to come by, and losing them can be disastrous. Developers commit to companies that allow a better work / life balance.

A happier developer is more likely to stick around. To become a pillar of your company’s strategy.

So why is the ability to work remotely such a big deal for the best java developers? Here are three reasons why your next java developer will work harder and be happier as remote.

#1. It Lets Them Code Better

Java developers need intense concentration to engineer good solutions to complex problems. Being interrupted mid-flow is destructive. Office noise. Parallel conversations. Colleagues checking in. It all disrupts the developer’s ability to be creative.

Working from home requires discipline, yes. But for those who can master it, a higher realm of productivity opens up. No distractions mean a developer can work uninterrupted for hours on end. And it shows in the quality of the work.

#2. Their Salary Stretches Further

Remote developers – Java developers, or otherwise – tend to avoid big cities. They look for lower cost-of-living. They want higher quality of life. They want to live in sleepy villages with loads of fresh air. Or near the beach. Often in eastern or Mediterranean Europe. Places were a modest US salary will go a long way.

#3. They Are Happier With Their Work

Remote developers report being happier and more productive. Stack Overflow ran a survey about job satisfaction. What they found is that developers who always work from home are about 11% more satisfied with their jobs.

This might not seem a huge number, but keep in mind that happiness equals retention. An unhappy developer is more likely to be enticed away to the competition. And you’ll have to spend money again on recruiting and integration.

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