Who Hires Remotely, Anyway?

Who Hires Remotely
Remote work has been gaining steady momentum. But who exactly is hiring remotely? We’re jumping off the deep end on this. And considering the question under three different lights: 1) Remote hiring by industries. 2) Remote hiring by companies and 3) Remote hiring by job titles. Read on to find out what remote hiring really looks like today.

At DistantJob we consider ourselves the minstrels of remote work. We’ve sung about its benefits. We’ve written to you about the many savings and opportunities it offers. If you’re thusly convinced – there’s no better time to take the plunge. Contact us right now.

Otherwise, it’s time we shared some of the actual ‘proof of the pudding’ with you. We wanted to find out who are the brave people that have gone before you and are reaping the benefits we’ve been raving about.

What we discovered on our search made us switch plans midway. We really couldn’t share everything we learned with you in one “normal-sized” article within any reason. To do justice, we thought it best to divvy up the topic. So we produced a series we cleverly titled, “Who, Hires Remotely, Anyway?”

We’re breaking down that question into three parts:

DistantJob Super Employee

The Case of DistantJob

Amongst those hiring remotely is us and we’d be amiss to not point that out. DistantJob is a highly specialized remote recruitment firm. We focus on sourcing you the best talent from anywhere in the globe, particularly in the field of IT. And we certainly practice what we preach.

As a company, we’re almost entirely distributed globally. Headquartered in Montreal in Quebec, we have employees from all over the world. Including Portugal, Poland, Australia, India, Romania, Ukraine, Armenia… The list goes on!

And despite being distributed we work like a well-oiled machine capable of doing the best for our clients. Issues like different time zones, cultural difference, group meetings haven’t really gotten in the way of our success. Actually having such a diverse team has helped us collaborate in unique ways. And helped serve you better.

True, we’re pointedly pro-remote-work. That’s only because it works so well and has so much potential for any business, including yours.

In this series of articles, you’ll discover a number of remote hiring stats and facts. These have mainly been gathered from remote job sites rather than theoretical studies. So you know what’s actually going on in the front lines.

Some remarkable things we learned from the information we unearthed include:

  1. despite being a comparatively new field, there’s so much data available – which shows how far-reaching remote work is
  2. this field has grown exponentially in a short while
  3. how companies of all industries, size, geographic location have experimented with it
  4. and what an incredible number of those companies have benefitted from it

So again, here they are:

In a nutshell, the answer to the question “who is hiring remotely” is pretty much half the planet. But to get a better sense of that “who” check out the above three articles.

The most important question, sadly, remains unanswered. Why aren’t you amongst these companies? If you want to change that – let us know and we’ll get back to you right away.

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Ria Ghose

Ria Ghose

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